Spring Foraged Flower Syrup

Gorse Cordial

Just a brief post tonight to share a wee recipe for Spring foraged flower syrup. I mentioned in my Instagram Story that I was making gorse syrup and had quite a few requests for the recipe, so thought I’d put it here for posterity! You can view the step by step process in my Reel. You can adapt this for any edible Spring flowers, I’m looking forward to making it with cherry blossom and lilac soon! To make the flower syrup, you will need:

100g caster sugar
200g water
20g gorse petals
zest of half a lemon.

1) Dissolve the caster sugar in the water then boil with the lemon zest until syrupy – around ten minutes.
2) Prep the gorse: remove any beasties!
3) Pour the syrup over the gorse petals, then cover and leave overnight.
4) The next day, warm your syrup over a gentle heat to loosen it.
5) Strain into a sterilised bottle.
6) Dilute with water and enjoy!

Gorse Cordial

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