Spring Flower Arranging

Spring Flower Arranging

To celebrate Spring flower season reaching its height and my local flower subscription restarting – thanks to wonderful Scottish florists Pyrus – I thought I would share some tips I’ve learned along the way for creating Spring flower arrangements to celebrate the season’s most beautiful blooms.

Gather your “ingredients”

You think Spring flowers would all be fragile – actually they’re hardier than they look. My favourites at this time of year, ranunculus, tulip and anemones, have a good vase life if you look after them correctly. My latest Pyrus bouquet had all three, along with some more delicate, softer stemmed bluebells and ephemeral blossom. A mixture of different blooms means your arrangement will evolve over time. Take inspiration from what’s around you to dictate your colour palette; at this time of year, pink, white and purple usually feature along with ubiquitous greenery – which is great for me as this is very much my go-to colour palette.

Spring Flower Arranging

Condition your flowers and take stock

To ensure your flowers last well in the vase, remove any foliage that will be below the water line. Trim the stems on the diagonal for maximum water uptake. At this point I like to lay out my flowers on a flat surface to see the different lengths (I tend to keep them long and trim the stems shorter each time I freshen their water) and directions they’re growing in, to think about the shape of the design.

Arrange your stems

The classic technique is to criss-cross your stems as you arrange the flowers, but don’t be too precious or your arrangement will look too neat and dome-like. My only hard and fast rules are to make sure the softer stems are supported by the rest of the arrangement (you will notice them flopping over if you don’t) and to make sure not to crush the flowers with heavier foliage – for instance, I placed the blossom branches towards the back, reaching around the arrangement. Otherwise, there are no strict rules: I let the shapes of the flowers dictate the shape of the bouquet and make sure there’s a good mix of colours.

Spring Flower Arranging


Make sure you change your flower water regularly and remove any ‘blown’ and spent flowers as they will set off the rest. I’m going to gather some more blossom and flowering blackcurrant to replace the ones that have now gone over here. Re-trim the stems regularly to freshen up your flowers. I find so much joy in re-arranging the flowers as they fade, usually they end up in a variety of smaller vessels and mini arrangements that bring joy to multiple rooms. Happy flower arranging!

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