1. fabuloussoc says:

    The panda hat with eye holes is saying”I’m here to steal all your bamboo!”

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  5. Just started reading your blog as am a Fresher at St Andrews and figured I should check it out. I love your layout and your descriptions of the show are great.
    You also have really cute style!

    • Thanks so much Billie! Are you enjoying St Andrews life? If you love fashion, then I’ve just started a new fashion society called FABsoc, we do shopping trips to Edinburgh and Glasgow and are having our 1920s themed launch party on Thursday at 9 at the Rule (for free)! x

      • St Andrews is great, really enjoying it. I will definitely check out FABsoc. The shopping here isn’t too bad, but will need to go somewhere bigger at some point. I completely agree with people -watching. It’s so good here!

        • Hey Billie! Nice to hear from you again. Saw you mentioned me on your blog, thank you 🙂 I was going to start a blogroll type thing and I could put you on it? 🙂
          Yeah I totally agree- FABsoc are running a shopping trip to Edinburgh and then later to Glasgow soon, would you like me to put you on the mailing list to keep you posted?
          Haha I read your post about fashions here, so funny and true! Hope you’re feeling a bit more inspired- that’s part of why I started FABsoc! x

  6. Louis says:

    It is the curse of Duchamp that they can make a million different designs for bow ties and yet refuse to reliquish their disgraceful adjustability. Furthermore, I’m afraid to say that I’m not sure the pictured one is going to turn out too well. I must applaud the fellow for avoiding the ‘pre-tied’ type though.
    Personally, I’m frustrated that my lack of university is leading to a lack of black-tie events. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a dinner jacket.
    I’m enjoying the blog Rosie although I’m angered that everybody that I met at LCF is siding with wordpress.
    I hope you’ve checked out APrettyAge; if not, then I insist that you do so immediately! Scarlett also blogs with me.
    I look forward to reading more.

    Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

    • Hi Louis! Hope you’re well!
      First of all, it did work out, I can even show you pictures 😛 That’s my boyfriend and I got him the Duchamp bow tie for Christmas.
      Aww that’s a shame- you will just have to make your own occasions to get out the dinner jacket? Are you applying for next year?
      Thanks! Well I was using WordPress before and it’s just what I’m used to!
      I haven’t yet, but I will do now- i’m sure it’s great! x

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  9. […] detail and black jersey waist band add a fun edge. I’ve blogged about the pros and cons of harem pants, they’re tricky to pull of but I’m still sold on the trend and it’s great to have […]

  10. Andrew says:

    lots of effort from the photographer to find the perfect st andreasian location here. top work!

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  12. Emily says:

    I loved that dress on you the other day – and it looked fab with your jumper too! 🙂

  13. Such a great idea. They look so retro andstylish. And by the way, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ is definitely one of the best plays ever written. Just for the record:) Blog great as always!

  14. chief dapo says:

    i want to know if this jen mark’s wife.

  15. Red Boots says:

    Sale shopping is my idea of hell!! I tend to avoid going to the shops at this time of year, and instead buy what I really want/need online with a nice cup of tea in my hand! So much less stressful, and makes me less likely to go crazy and spend lots of money!


  16. Gem Fatale says:

    Hi lovey,

    This is my tutorial so you ought to add a link to my blog.

    Thanks x

  17. There are times that i dont read more than two lines but i think that your blog can be an exception. Grats !

  18. Sara says:

    love the green claw necklace and those bunnies are so cute for ring storage !

  19. Red Boots says:

    I love your hair! I am so laughably bad at doing anything with my hair, so I am in envy of your skill!!

  20. Sophie says:

    I love animal jewellery! The rings are so cute!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

  21. Red Boots says:

    That dress is gorgeous! Edinburgh doesn’t have a Primark (strange, right?), but I hear one is coming soon. And an Anthropologie. I am beyond excited about that, but I doubt my bank manager will be!!

    An excellent top shop find! Bargain!!


  22. Thanks! I know, I’m dying for Edinburgh Primark to arrive, what is going on in there?! It’s been ages since it was “coming soon” sort it out Primark people! Better be worth the wait. I go to the one in Dundee when I’m at Uni tho 🙂 Ooh Anthropologie! Where’s that going to be?

    I could not believe it, such a bargain! Me and those shoes were clearly meant to be x

  23. keishua says:

    I love how you said that you needed the cardigan but your bank account needed a few pounds. I’ve been there. Seriously, it is a super cardigan and I am tempted to need a version of it.

  24. fabuloussoc says:

    I can attest to the veracity of the ‘it’s pretty, I want it’ strategy Rosie employs.

  25. Tatha says:

    Love this sweater. Beautiful!

  26. Red Boots says:

    Love this outfit, especially that bag!

    I’ve never found a maxi shirt/dress I get on with. I’m quite short, and they just seem to make me look shorter – so I just admire them on others!!

    • Thank you! I’m quite short too, but I decided to just go for it after years of being put off because of my height. If you keep it in proportion (cropped jacket to nip in the waist) I think it looks fine – you should try it 🙂 The bag was SUCH a bargain and I love it to bits!

  27. adele says:

    your chum.. katie mackenzie, right? i thinkshe was in my sisters year at primary school….

    kate middleton is beautiful.

  28. Chuck says:

    One day he’ll learn to take a decent photo.

    Glad you found a new wall btw.

  29. Valerie says:

    Rosie, your blog is amazing! I hadn’t checked it over the break, and all the new stuff’s gorgeous! Also, the Elisabeth May photos are great, I’ve got three balls to attend in the next few weeks and no shoes yet, we need a shopping date! xx

  30. Kate says:

    Those handbags are gorge! I think I need one. And the shoes…so amazing that I think I need to go lie down now.

  31. Chris says:

    Loving the hair doo!! Well done, good twist on the normal boring St. Andrews top knot! Hah. Chris x

  32. M Harrington says:

    Absolutely brilliant, what else could one expect from young British Uni students, no one can surpass the British. Good luck to the future King and Queen may love be forever in their hearts.

  33. Emery says:

    Actually rare to find competent persons on this subject matter, you be understood as you no doubt know exactly what you are writing about! Bless you

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  35. Van says:

    Gorgeous scarf! Love this find!

  36. Horace says:

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  37. I love this outfit, it’s so beautiful, the pink looks amazing with your colouring and the white t-shirt and headband finish it off perfectly xoxo

  38. There were some comments here earlier today. I felt the tone of the first was very negative and attacking, and replied in a state of anger and some frustration. Someone else commented, and I can see now how my comment could be misinterpreted. In the interests of not letting this get out of hand – it is as the second commenter noted – only a blog, so I’ve decided to take down the offending material of both parties.

    I admit that I replied to this in the heat of annoyance and I felt personally attacked. I am stressed out of my mind with exams and really felt that the tone of the first comment was off. The name they chose to comment under, the abruptness, the caps (internet shouting) and patronising tone all made me feel as though I was being personally attacked. I never meant to imply that anybody was a bitch – I purposefully did not say this. I said that I felt the comment itself was bitch-y and uncalled for in such a tone.

    It is a personal space and I felt invaded (I know that it’s on the internet, but I’m not writing this to get ridiculous numbers of hits, or gain a cult following – it’s not my full time job after all!). If the advice had been put in a constructive way, I would have taken it constructively. I would hope that in a professional capacity nobody would make things personal; I thank the second commenter for reminding me that perhaps sometimes I do need to have a thicker skin. The fact that I feel like I knew who posted the first comment made it feel like I was being undermined in what I consider my personal space. My height is something that I am sensitive about, and if I am being completely honest I didn’t used to feel confident about maxis – though they have been in for several seasons now it is only just now that I have bought into the trend, realising that it was silly to let an insecurity hold me back.

  39. Tara says:

    Haha I see that we both are lusting after the same Pamela Love rings! Love the black lace shorts too! Check out some of the info for the Scottish Fashion Awards if you have time (bit of shameless marketing there), you can find it on Facebook.

  40. Victoria says:

    I absolutely adore Liberty fabric. I’ve got my eye on Liberty’s collaboration with Barbour. This is a fabulous homage to the design.

  41. […] at Everything Looks Rosie shows us her beautiful new brogues and discusses the history of these traditional Scottish […]

  42. […] unearthed this gem of a vintage Laura Ashley dress at the Vintage Festival at the Southbank a few months ago; the flattering retro shape, perfect ladylike length and delicate floral print make it an ideal […]

  43. […] I said in the first part of my A-Z of Autumn/ Winter trends, the hat is a key accessory this season. This season’s headwear designs have one thing in […]

  44. I love these posts, so informative! Plus I really want to buy a good bowler hat now, love these photos of you xo

  45. Aww thank you so much! I’m a bit of a fashion history geek, has to be said! Hehe. I’d been looking for a vintage bowler for ages but they were all £60 + !! This one from UO was v reasonably priced in comparison 🙂 xx

  46. […] hats, this time a history of the bowler hat by the lovely Everything Looks […]

  47. […] some (belated) pictures of the Saturday Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair came to Edinburgh. I blogged about their visit to St Andrews back in March and the amazing Kilo Sale and Vintage Festival I went […]

  48. […] Fair came to Edinburgh. I blogged about their visit to St Andrews back in March and the amazing Kilo Sale and Vintage Festival I went to in London this June and July. When I heard the talented folks at […]

  49. […] to Edinburgh. I blogged about their visit to St Andrews back in March and the amazing Kilo Sale and Vintage Festival I went to in London this June and July. When I heard the talented folks at Judy’s were coming […]

  50. Hanna says:

    what a lovely outfit! i especially like the cardigan.

  51. […] hope you all enjoyed the first part of my sartorial A-Z for Autumn. I’m certainly full of inspiration now, especially after the […]

  52. Pom Poms | says:

    […] I blogged about Monki and the exciting news that they now ship to the UK. This “Bolla” jumper was in my most […]

  53. You have the Vintage look perfect. I love the Camel coat aswell xx


  54. […] girls; College Fashion poses the question: What Season Represents Your Style? Take the quiz now! Everything Looks Rosie gives a great run-through of the autumn trends in her A-Z part 1; and A-Z part 2; Shoe quote of the week goes to Garance Doré; and finally, this post from Le […]

  55. […] bringing their Kilo Sale to Out of the Blue in Leith. When I was in London over summer I went to my first Kilo Sale at The Rag Factory in East London (just off Brick Lane) and made some fabulous finds. At an […]

  56. […] in ladylike tweed and tartan patterned shorts and pleated skirts. Chunky retro knits are always a Judy’s favourite and the fabulous eighties lurex knits added sparkle to the mix, perfect for the festive season (see […]

  57. […] touches (fur, sequins, jewels). I extolled the allure of Gucci’s gem-coloured catwalk in my A-Z of Autumn/ Winter trends, and really what could be more festive? Add a touch of luxury to party ensembles with a Gucci-style […]

  58. […] The look channels the androgynous trend and will really stand out in a sea of cocktail dresses. (I tried out this look for a ball last year and power dressing instead of wearing a feminine gown was really empowering.) […]

  59. […] The look channels the androgynous trend and will really stand out in a sea of cocktail dresses. (I tried out this look for a ball last year and power dressing instead of wearing a feminine gown was really empowering). […]

  60. […] hunting high and low for a winter coat, I stumbled across this classic coat at the Kilo Sale in Edinburgh at the start of December. The ’80s shape caught my eye: the boxy fit, double-breasted cut and […]

  61. […] of questions about where I got the coat from. The addition of the fur makes it look a little like the coat I was lusting after from Topshop a while ago too: by taking a vintage find and adding an old stole I recreated the look at a fraction of the […]

  62. Style Souk says:

    Missing button or not, this vintage coat is lovely!

    Sarah x


  63. […] well-cut basics to give a directional twist to retro prints. My love for Laura Ashley has been well-documented and having been partial to their peter pan collars and ditsy prints from a young age, this is a […]

  64. Vanessa says:

    Love 🙂 And the Mulberry Alexa, always a winner 😉 Love, V.

  65. […] Skip to content Home ← Mary Mary […]

  66. John Betts says:

    Lot of memories brought back and very well described. I enjoyed reading and the photos excellent

  67. […] season I wrote a sartorial A-Z of Autumn/Winter trends. Here’s a summary of the top new season trends for Spring/ Summer 2012. Alexander McQueen […]

  68. Bugs Bunny says:

    I for one was hoping for a crop-top / combats look. My inner-child wants an excuse to wear combat trousers without getting funny looks.

  69. […] Skip to content Home ← A-Z of Spring/ Summer 2012 Trends […]

  70. Oh, this made me chortle.

    Sorry. You can’t compare the likes of Tracey Emin with Sylvia Plath and expect to be taken seriously.

  71. […] Middleton looked stunning in cherry red today; she wore the shade when I met her at the launch of the University of St Andrews 600th anniversary celebrations and I thought she really suited the colour. It was a vibrant colour choice but the tailored dress […]

  72. […] dress immediately: it was very similar to one that had caught my eye a while ago (I posted about it here) and I saw it again recently (and was extremely tempted) when it appeared reduced from £1200 to […]

  73. Hey, love the blog so I figured I’d nominate you for a Beautiful Blogger Award! x


  74. […] Skip to content Home ← Going for Gold […]

  75. I love the girl with the beehive and the one with the Olympics rings in her hair too. What great attention to detail!

    I really love the idea of wearing cycling shorts under a dress too. Quirkier than leggings but still offering protection from sudden gusts of wind (and, let’s face it, more comfortable for my chunky thighs!).

    Nice to meet you yesterday. Hope you had a great time too!


    • Hi Becky!

      Thanks so much for commenting, I must check out your blog! I know, I loved the attention to detail.

      Me too – totally agree and definitely have to try them!

      It was lovely to meet you too, I had a great time and hope you did as well!

      R xx

  76. […] Vintage Fair this weekend as I made a conscious effort to record a diverse selection of outfits! Part one of my Judy’s at Spitalfields street style post had a great response – thank you! Here […]

  77. […] one that got away – I’ve really wanted a typewriter since I found this mint beauty at the Vintage Festival, and couldn’t afford it or carry it home! It’s not like I need a typewriter, it just […]

  78. liinu00 says:

    I love your style! 🙂

  79. Oooh, jealous! I love Millie 🙂 An unashamed MIC fan 😉 Thanks for sharing! x

  80. […] Skip to content Home ← The Sunday Strut – Part One […]

  81. Vicky Wilson says:

    Hello! It was lovely to meet you at this event (I’m the vintage one with all the bangles)! Thanks for featuring my outfit 🙂

  82. […] Judy’s. When I went to my first fair back in 2011 in St Andrews, if I’m being honest I was a little sceptical. How […]

  83. […] prices cheaper than the high street. I’ve found some real gems there in the past, such as this necklace, this Laura Ashley dress and this jumper. All excellent quality, all bargains, and all items that I […]

  84. […] than the high street. I’ve found some real gems there in the past, such as this necklace, this Laura Ashley dress and this jumper. All excellent quality, all bargains, and all items that I have worn again and […]

  85. […] found some real gems there in the past, such as this necklace, this Laura Ashley dress and this jumper. All excellent quality, all bargains, and all items that I have worn again and […]

  86. […] you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that my love of Peter Pan collars started at a young age when I’d wear my Peter Pan collar blouses with printed floral leggings and trousers, or under […]

  87. […] season to find anything suitable. I eventually stumbled across a vintage boyfriend-style coat at Judy’s Affordable Vintage fair last December (which was the kind of style I was looking for and a bargain to boot) and this lasted me out the […]

  88. […] spotted the Laura Ashley frock at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Edinburgh at around this time last year. As well as the unusual print (different from the ubiquitous vintage […]

  89. […] few months ago, my blogger challenge for Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair was to find the top three affordable sellers at the Spitalfields September fair. Scouring the event for the biggest bargains and thriftiest sellers, I came across Vintage Freak […]

  90. […] the last couple of seasons, I’ve written a sartorial A-Z of the biggest catwalk trends (AW11 here and here, SS12 here). It even got the Grazia seal of approval, featuring in Grazia Daily’s […]

  91. […] couple of seasons, I’ve written a sartorial A-Z of the biggest catwalk trends (AW11 here and here, SS12 here). It even got the Grazia seal of approval, featuring in Grazia Daily’s Fashion […]

  92. […] seasons, I’ve written a sartorial A-Z of the biggest catwalk trends (AW11 here and here, SS12 here). It even got the Grazia seal of approval, featuring in Grazia Daily’s Fashion Blog Round-up. […]

  93. […] latest addition to my rapidly expanding peter pan collar collection. A few weeks ago I posted about the beautiful handmade peter pan collars sold by Luminia. The gorgeous detachable collars are made from vintage, reclaimed or end-of-line […]

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  95. […] the last couple of seasons, I’ve written a sartorial A-Z of the biggest catwalk trends (AW11 here and here, SS12 here). It even got the Grazia seal of approval, featuring in Grazia Daily’s […]

  96. […] last couple of seasons, I’ve written a sartorial A-Z of the biggest catwalk trends (AW11 here and here, SS12 here). It even got the Grazia seal of approval, featuring in Grazia Daily’s Fashion Blog […]

  97. […] of seasons, I’ve written a sartorial A-Z of the biggest catwalk trends (AW11 here and here, SS12 here). It even got the Grazia seal of approval, featuring in Grazia Daily’s Fashion Blog Round-up. […]

  98. […] For the last couple of seasons, I’ve written a sartorial A-Z of the biggest catwalk trends (AW11 here and here, SS12 here). It even got the Grazia seal of approval, featuring in Grazia Daily’s Fashion Blog Round-up. Here’s part two of my summary of the top trends for autumn/winter 12 (you can read part one here). […]

  99. […] a few weeks ago I blogged about Edinburgh Online Fashion Week and Scottish design talent. It’s an exciting time for Scottish fashion and our home grown […]

  100. Lucy says:

    very beautiful dress!! just perfect!)

  101. Iona says:

    This dress is gorgeous!

  102. ianrip says:

    Beautiful dress – really suits you!

  103. Oh, this definitely seem like my kind of place! I need to go there the next time I’m in Edinburgh. 🙂

  104. […] Al and I unwittingly purchased vintage prints for one another at Judy’s December fair. I blogged about the lovely Vintage in Print then too, as they really make the perfect gift for vintage […]

  105. Write up looks fantastic, thanks for coming Rosie!! 🙂

  106. Nia James says:

    I opted for the gold leaf too. Simple and sophisticated. Lovely collection.

  107. One of my favourites from LFW ! thanks for sharing 🙂

  108. Swoon ! take me back to london ! is this on every weekend ?

  109. Jenny K says:

    me too and aslo treated myself to the leaf stud earrings… Still some pieces left at Glasgow store.

  110. That’s a lovely shade you’ve chosen for your satchel! Incredible story when you think the success has come from variations of the same item. Love the neon and pastel shades for spring but if I was investing id probably opt for red x

  111. […] for me, fashion seems to be having a love affair with Alba at the moment: from the Chanel Métiers d’Art collection last December, a beautiful homage to Coco’s love of Scotland and our country’s part in […]

  112. […] of the fashion world; with a plethora of design talent hailing from North of the border – see Hayley Scanlan, Catriona MacAllister, Hilary Grant, Jane Gowans (more on Jane v soon) – and a growing […]

  113. […] with a plethora of design talent hailing from North of the border – see Hayley Scanlan, Catriona MacAllister, Hilary Grant, Jane Gowans (more on Jane v soon) – and a growing interest in all things […]

  114. […] of design talent hailing from North of the border – see Hayley Scanlan, Catriona MacAllister, Hilary Grant, Jane Gowans (more on Jane v soon) – and a growing interest in all things ‘Made in […]

  115. […] punky but pretty – Clements Ribiero gave punk a modern, feminine twist (see my show report here) and at Christopher Kane it was all about the detail: feathered edging and patent buckles gave […]

  116. […] is no stranger to a print-based collaboration – I blogged about their cute-as-a-button collection with Laura Ashley last year – and their high quality […]

  117. […] Scottish was a bit of a ‘thing’ in London this season, as I’ve discussed elsewhere. Whether it’s the Christopher Kane effect, or simply fashion’s current penchant for […]

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    the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on.

    You have done a wonderful job!

  119. Jen says:

    So jealous! I’ve been looking all over for this dress.

  120. Thanks Jen! It’s gorgeous – maybe one day you’ll find it. Do you know what season it’s from? x

  121. […] Kiely’s autumn/winter 13 presentation was sheer retro perfection, from the tops of the models’ dishevelled beehives to the tips of their shiny shoes. And as […]

  122. […] dress was another bargain from the sample sale I went to back in February and has quickly become one of my top go-to dresses, a dress that you can throw on and instantly […]

  123. Rosie says:

    Hi Rosie,
    Love you blog and would be thrilled if you would do a review of my jewellery. Feel free to get in touch sweetrosie.co.uk

  124. […] spoken at length before about the cakefest that is Lovecrumbs, one of my all time Edinburgh favourites. It’s […]

  125. Amanda says:

    Hi Rosie!

    Great write up – we love that we may have converted you to our beers with this little brewing and baking mashup. We’d love to share your blog post and some of your photos on Facebook page and Pinterest Hall of Fame. Would that be okay with you?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Amanda!

      Thank you – so glad that you liked the post, and indeed you have! Of course – feel free to share the post and photos with a wee link to my blog!

      Well reminded – I must find I&G on Fb and Twitter too!

      Thanks again,

      Rosie x

  126. […] hope you enjoyed the first part of my Teapigs blogging project. My second challenge was to come up with a tea-infused bake, and I […]

  127. […] hope you enjoyed my first post about the ECA Degree Show. This year’s show was incredibly striking and I enjoyed seeing how the students curated their […]

  128. Fin says:

    Wow, what an inspiring degree show! Some really great pieces in there by the looks of things. And you’ve captured them so well 🙂 Wish I could make it up to Edinburgh but I imagine I won’t be able to before it finishes. Here’s to hoping that some of the more North West based degree shows are equally as impressive to keep me inspired! x

  129. mac says:

    I was wondering what size your bag is? I want to get one for my girlfriend. She really likes your blog

  130. […] rosie steer’s earl grey and elderflower cocktails […]

  131. Hilary Grant says:

    I do enjoy an Innes & Gunn tipple now and again and always thought it went really well with cake. I’ll need to look out for their next event, thanks!

  132. Laura says:

    This looks incredible! I’m so trying it!


  133. […] addition to their classic collection, and I was incredibly flattered when they said they liked my original oxblood satchel blogpost so much they wanted to feature one of my shots on their […]

  134. I’m off to Edinburgh for a mini-break on Wednesday and Bramble was on my list of places to try. I’ll have to add LLC to the list now too!x

  135. smidge says:

    Lovely to meet you too!

  136. Neil Robertson says:

    Good to meet you too and I look forward to reading more

  137. Melissa says:

    I have the 11″ in the lighter brown. I LOVE it and get compliments whenever I wear it out.

    I’ll be ordering a new satchel in Oxblood (googling CSC Oxblood is how I came to your blog!) because I’d also like to have a more professional looking bag for work. How are you finding the 14″ in regards to the amount of stuff you can carry in it? I am a light packer, but I still need room for my kindle, makeup bag, and a notebook! Debating between 14″ or a 15″ batchel.

  138. […] as I’m usually the one asking the questions! If you know how much I love Laura Ashley (see here and here) as well as vintage (too many posts to link!) then you’ll know how excited I […]

  139. […] usually the one asking the questions! If you know how much I love Laura Ashley (see here and here) as well as vintage (too many posts to link!) then you’ll know how excited I […]

  140. […] was lucky enough to see the Clements Ribeiro AW13 show at London Fashion Week back in February, and I was excited and intrigued to experience it again in a very different […]

  141. […] introduced you to Rebecca Torres in my previous post, and in the Future Fashion catwalk show she unveiled her spring/summer 14 collection […]

  142. […] I wrote about some of the pop-ups gracing our fair city for the month of August. One of the most impressive – and definitely the most stylish – is the Signet […]

  143. ianrip says:

    Lovely pictures. Really like your outfit!

  144. Jane & Katey says:

    I’m obsessed with Cambridge satchels (I have three, with designs on at least another three!). It’s a very lovely companion to a day out in our fair city. Make sure you wander along to Tollcross to the new cafe on bread street FYUL next time – I think you would like it. I also love Thrift Shop 2 on Gilmore Place – it’s a proper bric-a-brac shop and a good place to hunt for (very well) buried treasure.

  145. G says:

    I miss Edinburgh but mostly I miss you 🙂 <3

  146. I saw your IG picks and loved the look of this place. Your outfit is sublime (I just wish we were at the beginning of summer). Maybe we’ll get a few more sunny days yet.
    PS I love reading Madeline books to my kids!

  147. Tilly says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful! You babe you! The summers are so poor in Manchester too so you really have to make the most of them whilst you can!

    Your blog is dreamy <3 I am off to explore it some more!

  148. […] my recent guest post for the Cambridge Satchel company I mentioned one of the Grassmarket’s more recent additions […]

  149. Jane & Katey says:

    Mary’s Milk Bar is amazing. Have just visited the Sundae School too and it was the best!

  150. Morris says:

    I’ve been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
    It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did,
    the web will be much more useful than ever before.

  151. Couldn’t agree with you more Rosie on all counts! Having just reviewed Lucky Liquor Co myself, it’s just as divine as Bramble, adding another exciting dimension to the quietly growing cocktail scene in Edinburgh xxx

  152. […] consistently and has seen me through the seasons. I even bought another in the same style (from this post) for when I’ve worn it to pieces. The autumn/winter collection is worth checking out too, […]

  153. Franca says:

    Haha, I love that street! My hubby Dave’s cricket club used to be sponsored by the St Vincent, but i haven’t been there for ages. Your trench is really nice!

  154. […] through a misty Meadows as the leaves turn red, yellow and orange; bottomless cups of violet tea at Lovecrumbs; the arrival of cox’s orange pippin and squashes in every shape and size at the […]

  155. trixfred30 says:

    Has to be anything with chocolate ganache – love that stuff!

  156. LFFL says:

    Those look great. I’ll have some of those for my breakfast, please.

  157. sybaritica says:

    Nice recipe … but great photography!

  158. […] designs first caught my eye at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival’s vibrant Future Fashion show, where she unveiled her debut collection, ‘Electric Eclectic’. I had followed the […]

  159. […] design talent. Tonight sees Mairi showcase her designs alongside the other finalists – Catriona Macallister, Claire Corstorphine and Jacob Birge – and the designers from Fashion Foundry in a catwalk […]

  160. […] I’ve said before, Edinburgh has a fab wee cocktail scene – proper, artisan cocktails I mean – and The […]

  161. Martina says:

    Rosie I love your blog!
    By an Italian soon moving to Edinburgh,
    Martina 🙂

  162. ross says:

    Wow the bar looks totally fab! I am going to have to check it out, no idea how I missed this one as I drink in Bon Vivant quite a lot!

  163. […] so don’t want to sound like a stuck record – but like my staple M&S trench coat I blogged about previously, I think it’s the modern classics that they do so well. Masterful marketing (Magic or […]

  164. This is such a lovely post!! Love all the different photos!
    I’m basing one of my final year university projects on the cambridge satchel company, I really love the brand and was wondering if you would be kind enough to help me out and fill in my quick survey to help me with my project?
    It’s pretty fun, quick and easy- would really appreciate it!
    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  165. I love all of the details in this outfit and the beautiful autumnal colours – and that cameo necklace is so pretty. PS: I also love all your Edinburgh posts – as a relative newbie to Edinburgh I love getting hints and tips on nice places to check out 🙂

  166. […] taken from Everything looks Rosie ; she has a wonderful post about Cambridge Satchel on her […]

  167. […] too, and since I first saw them up close at London Fashion Week – which I posted about here – I’ve been desperate to get my mitts on my own. The new range, JG Minis, distills […]

  168. […] my JG Mini with another pink wardrobe favourite – my Jonathan Saunders/ Edition knit (post here) and lovely new kilt skirt from M&S. Safe to say, I know I’ll be wearing my JG Mini with […]

  169. LFFL says:

    I bet it smelled great baking.

  170. […] Mark’s second restaurant offers a modern, Scottish take on French bistro dining – a more pared-back interpretation of his signature restaurant dishes (and some new ones too) in a relaxed, cosy setting. Located on North West Circus Place (previously occupied by the recently closed Café Fish), Bistro Moderne is a fantastic addition to the friendly and bustling independent scene in Stockbridge – fast becoming my favourite spot for both shopping and dining (as I’ve already waxed lyrical about in my Edinburgh Guide for the Cambridge Satchel Company – you can read it here). […]

  171. Laura Lykes says:


  172. rosie ! would you like to meet up next week and experience some festive delights in edinburgh ? xx

  173. Helen Cross says:

    Totally agree. Having a farmer’s market on your door step is a huge coup. I LOVE the Stockbridge Farmer’s market. And as a farmer’s daughter, I know how important it is to support local producers. Scotland’s larder boasts some of the best food to be found around the globe.

  174. Gail says:

    There’s also a market in the Grassmarket every Saturday from 10am until 5pm. So, after the farmer’s market and cake from Lovecrumbs, I would recommend a walk down West Port and a look in all the cool independent shops and continue into the Grassmarket to check out the market there. You could spend all day in the area – great shopping, eating & drinking!

  175. […] soft two-ply Scottish lambswool. I’ve written about Hilary’s winter warmers before but couldn’t resist sharing the gorgeous autumn/winter 2013 collection with you, and when I […]

  176. […] were thoroughly spoilt by Santa. I thought it would be fun to share a wee Christmas outfit as I did last year, especially as this year’s ensemble reminded me so much of Christmases past. When it comes to […]

  177. […] waxed lyrical about the gems to be found in M&S before and this dress was a star find. I’ve worn it on a couple of occasions already and received a fair […]

  178. […] dressing up: throw on, grab a bag and go. For a recent dinner party, I wore the dress with my retro Kurt Geiger T-bar shoes that appeared in the Orla Kiely AW13 show; gold nails, a simple gold heart ring from Whistles and […]

  179. Lizzie says:

    This looks so yummy! I only tried mince pies for the first time this Christmas because it’s the first Christmas I’ve spent in the UK, but I’m really warming to them and this recipe just takes it to another level. Mince loaf! Yes please.

    • Thank you Lizzie! Oh wow, hope you’re enjoying your first Christmas in the UK! I thoroughly recommend the mincemeat loaf cake – not as rich as a traditional Christmas cake and with all those delicious mincemeat flavours! Enjoy 🙂 x

  180. […] contender to see in the New Year. I’d definitely add some knitted accessories too – my lovely Hilary Grant knits would coordinate perfectly with this […]

  181. […] might have seen my grey ASOS jumper before in the Edinburgh Guide I wrote for the Cambridge Satchel Company. I couldn’t resist the adorable heart-shaped elbow […]

  182. […] this gorgeous burgundy vanity case, which I’m using as a handbag, was a bargain find at the Out of the Blue flea market recently and is one of my favourite vintage purchases this year. It’s in great condition with […]

  183. […] by Alexa Chung at the Vogue Festival, which I reported on for Vertu (read my blogpost about it here) – a definite highlight of […]

  184. I love that satchel! You wouldn’t be willing to sell it would you :)?

  185. Alex says:

    Are these just plain leather? In the Clarks shop they seem to be a more worn, nubuck material than your images suggest – are they different? Thanks!

    • Hi Alex, thanks for the comment. Mine are nubuck too – maybe the lighting in these shots makes them look different; they had also had a few wears and a polish before the shots were taken! These were purchased a while ago now though, so maybe Clarks have changed the material/ finish slightly? Hope that helps!

  186. Mouthwatering! After reading this, Bistro Moderne is definitely at the top of my wishlist 🙂 You seem to be very updated on interesting new restaurants. Have you come by any interesting new places that do worldfood/ethnic cuisine?

    • Hi Lizzie! Thanks for the comment. Bistro Moderne is really lovely, hope you can make a trip soon. Thanks, I do love trying out new places! Ooh that is a good question – I haven’t but I will definitely look out for them and plan to post about a few old favourites soon 🙂 x

  187. Oh great, love reading your food reviews! x lizzie

  188. […] decades. I’ve come away with numerous bargains before, such as the pleated floral frock from this (vintage!) post. While there’s a lot of stock, again, everything is colour-coded so […]

  189. […] lovely details do the talking. I paired my star buy with my tartan scarf, Next Crombie coat and Hilary Grant mittens to keep cosy (as well as my trusty M&S thermals underneath), my Cambridge Satchel, heeled ankle […]

  190. Fz says:

    So beautiful!

    May I ask how you care for your satchel? Which leather products do you use and how often? Is the leather on the top cracking a bit?

  191. tartangirl says:

    You are so lucky ! I live in France and there is no T.K.Maxx but when I lived in Scotland it was my favorite shop and I made good bargains too. How I wish I had a Lulu Guiness bag like you ! Really love your blog. http://tartangirlswardrobe.eklablog.com

  192. tartangirl says:

    I love your coat !

  193. tartangirl says:

    What a nice tartan skirt. I wear one sometimes too but it’s still odd to wear tartan skirts in France despite it being a big trend this autumn-winter.

  194. tartangirl says:

    My favorite is the Lyle & Scott one but the others are nice too. I am a big fan of knitted jumpers and although I live in Northern France it can get quite chilly too so wool is just the best thing to keep me warm.

  195. tartangirl says:

    Black and burgundy has been my favorite colour combination this autum and this outfit has all the things I love.

  196. These are super gorgeous! Xx

  197. Thank you for a new recommendation – I shall definitely be heading to timber yard upon my next return to Edinburgh!

  198. […] contemporary jewellers with an enviable client list that includes Emili Sande and Emma Thompson. As one recent commentary […]

  199. […] before, but I think as my personal style has developed and changed (which I talked about here), my priorities have too. I’m a lot more conscious of sustainable style, whether that means […]

  200. […] pieces from a mix of well-known and less mainstream designers including Antithesis, Beautiful Soul, Hilary Grant and Daisy Knights. Committed to responsible sourcing, the designers often use sustainable fabrics […]

  201. […] I doubt I’ll be putting this one away for long (if at all). Rather appropriately too after my recent post about September Street and sustainable style, I realised this was one of those rare, […]

  202. […] This coat immediately ticked the boxes in terms of colour and texture: berry hues are one of my (well-documented) favourite things about autumn/winter, so the rich burgundy shade drew my eye immediately, as did […]

  203. […] gorgeous piece a new lease of life, it felt practically saintly as well as stylish. As I’ve said before, feeling a little high street-fatigued at an in-between phase in style, the appeal of a one-off […]

  204. […] dress I’m wearing is another retro favourite from Blondie vintage, which I purchased when I was down in London last month. I adore the gorgeous winter floral print, […]

  205. […] A guest blogpost for Laura Ashley about three of my favourites things: pastels, Edinburgh and Mary’s Milk Bar. […]

  206. Jo B says:

    Must visit these shops ASAP! A vintage paradise xx

  207. […] I reflected in a recent outfit post, I feel like my style has changed a little lately and that goes for accessories too. I expressed my […]

  208. […] and that goes for accessories too. I expressed my high street jewellery fatigue in my post about Jane Gowans, as I find myself increasingly turning to independent designers such as Jane for something unique […]

  209. […] is from Cabaret Antiques and Curios in the West Port. My most-worn piece of jewellery – my Art Deco cameo necklace – is from here and more than merits the twenty or so pounds I paid for it a few years ago. […]

  210. […] few doors down from Cabaret (next to cake haven Lovecrumbs) is vintage emporium Herman Brown. This boutique has a great, quality edit of retro pieces and a […]

  211. Evelyn says:

    Hello Rosie! I’ve just discovered your blog. I am getting to know more about Paul Smith’s design, so I’ve really enjoyed this post. Greetings from Lima, Peru!

  212. rudy says:

    Hey iam gonna get the exact same model and size(14inch) like yours! 🙂
    just a quick question though, do you think it fits 13 inch macbook pro ret.? it will help me alot since i have to order it online

  213. […] Nichols Edinburgh for their bi-annual fashion show. I donned my gladrags (the red lace dress from this post if you’re wondering!) and made my way to the eerie cool of the department store’s […]

  214. […] some tips and tricks they’re not so scary. I tackled chocolate shells in the Autumn with my chocolate and pumpkin macarons, and the following recipe is my go-to for a plain shell that you can then customise with various […]

  215. […] off. Nothing I can’t fix though! I can’t wait to style it up with a pastel cardi, my Clarks Originals sandals and my vintage straw basket when the weather’s finally warm […]

  216. […] lucky enough to see the enchanting presentation at London Fashion Week last year (I posted about it here), complete with a retro typing pool and a bevy of beehived secretaries in sixties-inspired […]

  217. […] I’ve posted about the joy that is the Orla Kiely sample sale before, where I picked up this bird print, Peter Pan collar frock and ladylike grey wool dress – there are some serious bargains to be had. Of course this is […]

  218. […] Kiely sample sale before, where I picked up this bird print, Peter Pan collar frock and ladylike grey wool dress – there are some serious bargains to be had. Of course this is usually older stock or samples […]

  219. […] I’m wearing: Orla Kiely top; Jaeger Boutique pinafore via ASOS; Kurt Geiger shoes (more in this post); vintage coat, bag and […]

  220. B. says:

    Heyy Rosie!
    Nice to find a fellow blogger from Edinburgh!

    Must say, I am a big fan of that bag!
    Lots of love

  221. […] Eteaket and caffeinated goodness from gourmet coffee company Artisan Roast (who I’ve sung the praises of before). I plumped for the Scottish Breakfast tea and Al had a pot of Earl Grey – both come highly […]

  222. […] gap, and a practical, versatile cover-up becomes indispensable at this time of year. I’ve professed my love of the humble but hard-working trench coat before: after my Winter coat, the trans-seasonal […]

  223. Oh you look lovely (as always). I’ve always been a classic mac kind of girl but this grey one looks great (and sounds like it would keep me dry too).

    • Thanks so much Kat 🙂 Me too, but the grey has slipped seamlessly into my wardrobe and I’m wearing it just as much as my beige M&S number! (Helps that the days are still pretty grey in Edinburgh just now…) x

  224. […] my latest outfit post I was tentatively dipping my toe into spring dressing with a few transitional wardrobe classics, […]

  225. Hilary Grant says:

    This dress is so cute Rosie!

  226. […] can get cake or bread to go and at Edinburgh Farmer’s Market too, where we pick up a loaf on a regular basis – Falko’s bread is particularly […]

  227. Hey Rosie. Great read. I once bought a carrot cake from their stand at the Castle Terrace farmer’s market, it was a bit of a disappointment. But after reading this I might give them another chance!

  228. Louise says:

    Love the huuuge chocolate gateaux Falko serves. La Barantine is my favourite cafe in Bruntsfield though. Love living in such a beautiful and bustling area. x


    • Hey Louise! Thank for commenting. It’s delicious isn’t it? I haven’t been to La Barantine before, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation! It is indeed – I didn’t know you live in Bruntsfield, we’re so close! Will have to make a cake date some time. X

  229. I love rhubarb too, always reminds me of being back North with my dad pulling fresh rhubarb straight out of the garden! Love that this is a twist on rhubarb crumble which is a fav 🙂

  230. Alice says:

    Thanks for sharing this. They look beautiful, art on your feet.

  231. Wish I was there! Seems like a great night and shoes… Just gorgeous x

    Secret little Stars

  232. […] Osterlamm, which was a very generous gift from Falko Konditormeister in Bruntsfield, makes for a fab centrepiece. The traditional German Easter cake is made from […]

  233. […] feature too, alongside some Easter-themed nick-nacks from my one of my favourite designers, Gisela Graham. I just couldn’t resist the wooden bunny garland and pastel hens, which I got from the […]

  234. tartangirl says:

    I’ll do this tomorrow with rhubarb from my garden. Thanks for the recipe and happy Easter !

  235. Reblogged this on Lucy Robertson and commented:
    Love rosies style!

  236. Misha says:

    Hi Rosie! I’ve just found out your blog during searching for some information about Edinburgh 🙂 Nice outfit! You’re wearing spring clothes…. Is so hot out there? I’m heading to Edinburgh tomorrow and cannot decide what to dress up 🙂 Bye, Misha

  237. Beauty Balm says:

    This looks absolutely amazing. The rose cocktail looks and sounds delicious & something that I’d love. Thanks for a great review. Can’t wait to go for dinner x

  238. Cathy says:

    Oh these look delicious – I shall give them a go this week!

  239. […] I may have embraced pastels and pleats in my latest outfit post, as we come to the end of yet another dreich day in Edinburgh, I’m feeling distinctly […]

  240. […] Pan collars began at an early age and has been well documented, as has an enduring obsession with Liberty florals and Laura Ashley dresses. As a child I was no stranger to dungarees: purple or pink needlecord […]

  241. […] at an early age and has been well documented, as has an enduring obsession with Liberty florals and Laura Ashley dresses. As a child I was no stranger to dungarees: purple or pink needlecord trousers with […]

  242. […] really glad that I did – I tried them on, was smitten and happily donned them for the Google party I went to that evening, which was school-themed (really it seemed rude not to). The tailored […]

  243. Above anything else these pics tell me I should be going to the Meadows, and fast! God how pretty are those trees?! Yes, Edinburgh is indeed very beautiful in the spring 🙂

  244. Olivia Williams says:

    Hi Rosie,
    Did you go to the ECA fashion show last Friday? I noticed someone who I thought might have been you and seeing the pics in this post reminded me.

  245. sophiebowns says:

    I’ve never had chocolate& lime pie, but I would love to try making it one day!

  246. Alice says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful and stylish tweed jacket, vintage but it gives this modern look. Well done on matching those pastels together!

  247. […] a simple twist on the ever-popular lemon drizzle. It doesn’t take much more work than my go-to lemon drizz, but is a lovely Spring update that looks incredibly pretty too. There’s a wee bit less […]

  248. […] from sweet flavoured lavender plants) from Cupar-based artisans The Country Garden Company at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market. I got the whole dried bunch and some beautiful fresh blooms there too, which I’m sure […]

  249. I love baking with lavender! I’ve made cakes with it before and funnily enough we just made some lavender shortbread this weekend. Your combination of lemon drizzle and lavender sounds heavenly!

  250. Cathy says:

    I follow Lovecrumb on Insta,no idea how I found them, but every day I literally drool over their divine looking and sounding cakes, such aesthetic skill! I plan to make it to the shop one day! Am very jealous of your cake party!

  251. […] time last year, I was lucky enough to pay a wee visit to Paris. Strolling the Rive Gauche (pretending to be Zelda Fitzgerald), faire du lèche-vitrine (one of my […]

  252. I love Emma Lawrie’s grey & red design, it totally caught my eye.

  253. Cathy says:

    I do love vintage Laura Ashley – whenever I go in the shops now I think “oh, why can’t you re-capture the magic?” My Mum has a wardrobe full of 80’s/90’s grandad t-shirts, floral skirts and even those scarves, remember the cotton crochet scarves in every colour? She even has some original sloane ranger high necked blouses too. I’ve sold quite a few pieces on eBay but she can’t bare to part with the rest!

    • Love your story about your Mum’s collection, Cathy – funnily enough my Gran just passed on some of her cotton crochet scarves to me just the other weekend! They’re beautiful. Aww I bet, they’re just so special x

  254. Great dress – I love your look, it often reminds me of a bit Fleetwood Mac (which is a very good thing). I’m so envious of your vintage Laura Ashley collection!

  255. Tatyana says:

    Cute dress and I have a similar satchel! Love it x
    Secret little Stars

  256. lou francesca says:

    I went to this show as well, it was amazing!


  257. […] hope you enjoyed part one of my review of the ECA Fashion Show! I thought Performance Costume deserved a post all of its […]

  258. Some up and coming talent emerging here……..Fab to see thank you! xx

  259. […] since the ECA Fashion Show last month (which I posted about here and here) I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Degree Show, where for nine days only the […]

  260. […] since the ECA Fashion Show last month (which I posted about here and here) I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Degree Show, where for nine days only the Edinburgh […]

  261. […] to feel the same way, and always come away filled with inspiration (see last year’s post here). This year was no different, with work that was beautiful, innovative and thought-provoking in […]

  262. regina says:

    hi rosie, i just saw your blog while preparing my trip to edinburgh and i love it. I read i read and i read. I love vintage and i would really like to know if you have some vintage store tips in edinburgh or scotland in general. Looking forward to hear from you. cheers Regina / travelschick.de

  263. […] juice and drizzle over the top, and I showed you how to make candied zest in my lemon pavlova post here. To make the whole lemon cake, you will […]

  264. Philomena says:

    I can’t wait to try this!! Our lemon tree is bearing at the moment, perfect timing!

  265. Tatyana says:

    THAT looks absolutely delicious! My mum used to make a similar one! WANT! 🙂

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  266. Gillian says:

    This looks so so so cute, I’ll definitely have to have a wander over to Marchmont and check it out soon! x

  267. jodilovesyou says:

    that looks so so so yummy- elderflower is so delicate and lovely.


  268. Alice says:

    Elderflower is one of my favourite things about Summer but I’ve never tried baking with it. This looks absolutely delicious xo

  269. Alice says:

    Tartan and tweed seem timeless really if it comes to fashion. I love the color combination of your outfit.

  270. […] blouse I thrifted recently (a bargain!) and the Jaeger Boutique pinafore I snapped up in the sale earlier this year. I took advantage of the buy one get one free deal on £69 frames and snapped up a lovely pink […]

  271. GeorgieL says:

    I miss your face. Loving the blossoms, shirt and dungees!! Xxx

  272. I’ve been meaning to pop by here for a few weeks now! Her macarons are gorgeous, and the new cafe looks so adorable!


  273. Ramon Smart says:

    Very Nice Collection…………

  274. […] had picked out lots of ‘seventies pieces for me to look at (I think having spotted my latest vintage Laura Ashley post!) and kindly agreed to offer her insights in a little Q&A to accompany my photos, which […]

  275. char says:

    Oh my mum would love this – going to try and find time to make her one for the weekend.

  276. char says:

    I love CK and I was sure to make time for their sale on my recent trip to London!

  277. Domenico says:

    I tried it and it was perfect. Thanks.

  278. Oooh…I live just off Dalry Road but hadn’t spotted this new restaurant so will definitely be giving it a try. I love Italian food in theory but often leave Italian restaurants feeling underwhelmed but maybe it’s because like you said there are a lot of chains out there maybe just not doing the cuisine justice. Your lovely review and pics have certainly sold it to me so hoping to have a new fav local 🙂

    • Ooh that’s great Bridgette! Yes I totally agree with you there, it’s often so unadventurous but I think that’s it! Thanks for your kind words – really hope you enjoy your visit! 🙂 x

  279. Emilie says:

    I absolutely love that dress, it’s so you! Loving the entire outfit. Also I bought a flower crown recently while in London but despite looking at millions of photos on Pinterest I could not figure out how to wear it… thank you for the inspiration! xx

  280. Domenico says:

    No Burns night in Italy, of course. So I made it last Sunday. It didn’t survive my nieces’ visit to my place. Hope Robert Burns will forgive them.

  281. I’ve dabbled with sewing costumes for fancy-dress but have been too chicken to actually make proper clothing. I’m tempted to start a project, see how it goes and maybe try an open class at red thread studio. Have bookmarked this post.

  282. Emilie says:

    So pretty!! Love the pattern… you definitely have a future as a dress-maker! It looks really good with the pink wedges as well xxx

  283. AudFern says:

    Hey, great post! I’m Audrey and I’m very interested in fashion and style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

  284. Domenico says:

    Well… congratulations! It’s perfect, isn’t it? And I also showed your pics to some friends into fashion design: they all agreed. Edinburgh’s definitely got a new talent!

  285. char says:

    Oh, these look lovely, I think I have friends coming over this weekend so I will go with my current favourite bake, which is a grapefruit loaf cake.

  286. char says:

    Aw, this dress looks amazing and I love it with the pink sandals!

  287. […] whisperings that Edinburgh had a recently opened Secret Garden of its own (via the folks at the Century General Store who stock its delicious produce!) I was eager to seek it out – if it would be found! Last […]

  288. Helen Cross says:

    Love the sound of this. It’s incredibly similar to Petersham Nursies just outside Richmond, which is one of my favourite finds since moving south. x

  289. Franca says:

    This looks lovely and is just our side of town! Hopefully the weather will hold next weekend so we can visit

  290. […] Rosie Makes: White Chocolate and Rhubarb Tarts […]

  291. Domenico says:

    I made these delicious cookies with the best Amalfi Coast ricotta. A wonder. Thanks, Rosie for your Italian touch!

  292. Domenico says:

    I’ll spend just a few days in Edinburgh, so I don’t think I’ll bee able to go there. But I’ll try… its seems a beautiful and unusual place to see.

  293. Love the outfit and have been catching up on the show online too! I like the idea of Vintage but as a curvy size 16 can never seem to find anything that fits! Must try harder…

  294. Gorgeous photographs and great recipe. I plan on making this for visitors this week! Thank you!

  295. Lauren Wall says:

    You are a domestic goddess Rosie! I am truly humbled 🙂

  296. sirwin17 says:

    Love this post! I did a vintage store post on my blog a while back and Oxfam definitely had the best stuff. Its amazing what you can find (and I live in St. Andrews).


  297. Anna says:

    Great report! I love your style, please write more and more.

  298. char says:

    LOVE this outfit on you. Perfect.
    I’m such a vintage clothing faN.

  299. […] is easily one of my favourite spots in the city (as I’ve written about before) so it’s not as though I needed the excuse to visit, but they put on some great events too […]

  300. sirwin17 says:

    Love it! Things like this are the reason why I love living near Edinburgh :).

  301. Oohhh sounds good. I’ve been wanting to visit some car boot sales but the idea is a bit intimidating. This might be better.

  302. Domenico says:

    Of course I couldn’t enjoy this market, Rosie, but I enjoyed Edinburgh very much. Yes, I finally visited your town and I found it one of the best places I’ve ever seen. I’ll remember forever this short stay and I swear I’ll try to come there once more… after all, I didn’t see Earthy, did I? And I’ll follow your blog with more and more pleasure.

  303. […] with cold cream or why not try your own variation on the no-churn ice cream I blogged recently for a real weekend […]

  304. Rosie I love love LOVE your china! Where do you get it from? Charity shops?

  305. WilliamMundy says:

    I think these glasses look really nice on you, I’ve always wanted to try catseyes glasses as I think they’re a really feminine style. I usually go to Eye Care For Life so will check out their range of glasses. I have a similar face shape as you and I think that look will suit me also. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I liked the blog.

  306. This looks SO good. I think crumble is my very favourite food, especially if there’s almond in the topping. It’s so comforting and delicious. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipes always work too. Spring is just getting started here in Sydney and I can’t wait to do some lighter baking – pavolva and strawberry cakes etc.

  307. sandrabagley says:

    Looking so beautiful in this gorgeous dress and simply cool. the idea of vintage pink tweed jacket is awesome with blue skirt and how beautifully it suits her. Thanks for such a nice idea.

  308. AlleyHope says:

    These look delicious! I love that they match your flowers too 🙂

  309. These look delicious, and so pretty. I love eton mess but sometimes dessert isn’t dessert without cake – this is the best of both worlds!

  310. I am so happy to have found your blog! I adore that dress on you; you make the dress your own. I will be traveling to Edinburgh for the first time in December and was looking for some idea of what is practical/fashionable.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts and your recipes for all the gorgeous treats you’ve made.

  311. […] the bags are made in Somerset (learn more about how the bags are made in my post here) and stamped with ‘Made in England’ on the underside – a reference to one of […]

  312. thisluxlife says:

    I would LOVE to go to this hotel it has been on my bucketlist for over 15 years!!! Sounds amaze!!! Amanda x http://thisluxlife.com

  313. Cathy says:

    Woohoo! That’s this Wednesday’s Bake Off bake sorted – these look delicious!

  314. […] £5 worth of chocolate as some recipes suggest! I incorporated the salted caramel sauce I blogged here, and it oozes temptingly from the middle of the brownies, delivering just the right amount of […]

  315. […] By Oct 7, 2014Edinburgh […]

  316. Laura Elliot says:

    Hi Rosie, this is my first time hopping over to your blog and oh my goodness, you have me swooning already with the gorgeous items you are showcasing. I LOVE mulberry and an very fortunate to own a few of their bags. I have to say they are so versatile and so hard wearing. Oh, I am in love- the Carabag looks gorgeous!!!! Loving your post about the Harvey Nichols fashion show too. The sparkly black dress at the end is divine. Also loving the mulberry coat you have shown here too- the cut of the collar is beautiful isn’t it. Looking forward to reading more from you as you’re now in my reading list! Laura xxx

  317. Laura Elliot says:

    Oh wow, this looks and sounds utterly amazing! I am so very jealous! It looks like a very generous platter was provided and I LOVE the sound of a chocolate orange Martini!! I think I might just have to see if my friend is free to go!! Laura xx

  318. […] James quote in the menu, I knew One Square and I were going to get along. As I mentioned in my latest baking post, this week is Chocolate Week: to celebrate, One Square has created a dedicated, chocolate […]

  319. louise says:

    It’s such a gorgeous colour! I love making all kind of loafs but I don’t think I’ve even ever tried pumpkin..adding it to the list! x

    The Little Things

  320. Would this work warm with custard? I don’t normally make puddings during the week but the cooler weather is definitely making me crave those extra calories!


  321. Wow – this looks so good! I made a humble crumble this weekend and was surprised by how good it was. A perfect Halloween dessert – the taste of Autumn!

  322. […] last weekend’s beetroot baking, I couldn’t resist sharing this suitably seasonal vegetable cake for Halloween as its star […]

  323. […] well and truly catching the dressmaking bug at my Red Thread Studio course during the Summer – which on this cold, crisp November morning feels like a lifetime ago […]

  324. nicole go says:

    Oh my, I so love that vintage women clothing outfit. I wish I can have the pattern of the design because I love sewing my own clothes especially when I’m at home for a vacation. i love your hair style, your top and skirt the bag and even the black stocking and shoes. You inspired me.! Thank you so much

  325. That looks so good – perfect Autumn food!

  326. […] well and truly catching the dressmaking bug at my Red Thread Studio course during the Summer – which on this cold, crisp November morning feels like a lifetime ago – I […]

  327. […] ubiquitous feminine prints were present in abundance, but as I’ve said before, it’s Cath Kidston’s modern twist on girly and retro-inspired pieces that make them one […]

  328. […] itching to get my hands on some Cath Kidston fabric for my next sewing project, maybe a floral skirt or a summery dress – what do you think? Cath also has some gorgeous […]

  329. Totally agree about the mugs! It’s the only thing that gets me through to lunchtime on a Monday morning!

  330. Jemma Trainor says:

    Hi Rosie, absolutely love your blog 🙂 This post inspired me to do some baking today – I made the white chocolate blondes you made a little while ago (but with almonds and coconut i seats of pistachio) and they went down a storm. What better way to spend a Sunday???

  331. char says:

    I love their stores – really tempted by that embroidered collar jumper.

  332. I do enjoy a nice florentine with a hot drink. Might have to have a go at these!

  333. I’ll be going to Edinburgh next month and was looking for a special place to celebrate my birthday. After reading your post, I immediately made a reservation for afternoon tea. Thank you for the beautiful photos and I absolutely love your blog!

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  335. […] and is just as at home at London Fashion Week as it is in the classroom. In the past, it’s featured on Cambridge Satchel’s website when they launched the oxblood classic collection, and in the Edinburgh guide I wrote for […]

  336. […] Cambridge Satchel’s website when they launched the oxblood classic collection, and in the Edinburgh guide I wrote for CSC last year. So when I heard they were opening a pop-up in Edinburgh, I […]

  337. My tan satchel has been on the go for 3 years now but stills looks pristine – they really are excellent quality! Very jealous of your trip!

  338. […] out the Christmas menu at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh. In my latest Rosie Makes, I spoke about my love of seasonal baking at this time of year; maybe I’m getting old, but […]

  339. […] my latest Rosie Makes, I spoke about my love of seasonal baking at this time of year; maybe I’m getting old, but […]

  340. […] vintage Christmas crockery, a carrot for Rudolf, some Christmas Lebkuchen (see my recipe for them here) and a wee dram, should Santa feel so […]

  341. […] By Dec 24, 2014Edinburgh […]

  342. Such a lovely thing to pass down! Happy Christmas!


  343. […] Christmas I’ve worn it with vintage tea dresses and the tweed skirt I made; I also love it paired with these vintage tartan trews, thrifted a wee while ago. They’re […]

  344. Arielle says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Your pictures are beautiful <3

  345. Arielle says:

    They look so incredibly amazing! I really love your blog, your posts are so lovely 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you, can’t wait to read more <3

  346. Domenico says:

    Not only this was a huge success with my friends, but it’s also a beutiful cake. Thank you once again and I wish you a Happy New Year. To you, your dear ones and all Edinburgh too.

  347. […] makes them the star of the show. The recipe (adapted from here) uses all of the orange (like the whole lemon cake I blogged last year), giving real depth of flavour and moistness. It’s also got no […]

  348. char says:

    I’m really intrigued. Will definitely be giving this a go soon. Thanks, Rosie. 🙂

  349. char says:

    Oh wow, I love the dress. I thought it was striped at first, but the little patterns are even cuter! I love the coat as well, and the bag; what amazing finds. My charity shops never seem to have anything great or vintage. I’m actually avoiding them lately anyway as I’m having a shopping ban for 2015 so figured if I don’t go in, there’s less temptation!

  350. Katey says:

    Oh I love the patterned stripes of this dress and the buttons down the back! Super cute charity shop find! I really need to find a nice midi-length coat too 🙂

  351. Nina says:

    I love this outfit so much! Especially the coat and bag 🙂 The little patterns on the dress are so cute and just love it as well as everything vintage haha! I’ve never thought there would be anything for me in charity shops, but I’ve actually foung some really good pieces there. What can I say? Charity shops in Edinburgh really surprised me 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 That’s really sweet of you, Nina. It was an accidental all-vintage outfit – love it when that happens, hehe! Edinburgh’s charity shops definitely have some gems 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! X

  352. We are in love with that dress! so cute. 🙂

  353. […] eat, drink and be merry in the name of Burns Night. Last year I shared a recipe for a cracking cranachan cheesecake (if I do say so myself), and this year I thought it was the perfect excuse to make some […]

  354. I’m going to bookmark this and make these as as a surprise for my husband’s very Scottish sweet tooth. Looking forward to the haggis and poetry to tonight!


  355. It looks delicious! I’m going to try this once I’m finished with my diet. 🙂

  356. Jemma Trainor says:

    Hey Rosie,
    I just bought the Mini Cara in Oxblood months and months after seeing it on your blog. Thanks for inspiring the purchase, it is definitely the best and most versatile bag I’ve ever owned! So worth saving for 🙂 J xo

  357. Yum! Love all your cute crockery!

  358. These look lovely Rosie! I was googling oat chocolate cookies on my way home from work today and now here they are (love how the universe arranges these things!). I never thought to throw in ginger but it looks like a delicious combination. I spent the weekend making granola and some pretty incredible coconut scones.

  359. So cute! Not a big Earl Grey fan – it reminds me of a Maiden Aunt who used to give me horrible milky cups of it when I was a child! I’m going to persuade my fella we should make a chocolate cake tomorrow…

  360. Nina says:

    These looks so good! I need to try them! Thanks for the recipe. XXX


  361. Elise says:

    That dress is perfection! It looks great with the coat too. I love when retailers actually make dresses long enough for everyone 🙂

  362. char says:

    I fully agree with you about savvy shoppping. I’m currently having a year-long spending ban, but when there are things I like, it’s more likely to be something from a higher quality store like Boden or Laura Ashley. Gone are the days when I’d trolley-dash around Primark and buy heaps of poor-quality tat. This dress and your photos are lovely!

    • Thanks for your comment, Char! Glad you agree. Eek that is very disciplined of you! Good luck with the spending ban 🙂 Exactly – me too! Boden and Laura Ashley are the kinds of brands that I’m drawn to these days, higher quality and I know I will wear them for years to come! Thank you 🙂 x

  363. C.R. Hodes says:

    Hi, where on earth do you get ‘thin skinned lemons’? I made this using un-waxed lemons .. and it has a slight bitter aftertaste … not sure if that is from the pith ?

  364. char says:

    Oh yum, this looks amazing – I have to produce cakes for a cake stall at the weekend and this might have to be on the list!

  365. sheila34 says:

    That dress is gorgeous and will last a lifetime as the quailty of Boden clothing is excellent . l am a massive Boden fan and love poring over their catalogue and instagram feed. I really enjoyed your blog…looking forward to the next update x

  366. […] to a weekend gathering – and you can translate so many recipes into traybake variations. My lemon drizzle traybake is one of my go-to recipes that’s whipped up in no time, and I recently tried this […]

  367. Cherry says:

    baking usually stresses me out but these look surprisingly easy! they’re like little viennese whirls, ha! will definitely be trying these on friday. great post!


    • Thanks Cherry, sad to hear baking usually stresses you out – these are quite therapeutic, hope you enjoy making them! If you want, you could skip the piping and roll them into wee balls and flatten with a wet spoon to make round, flat biscuits rather than whirls! X

  368. char says:

    Oh, what a pretty two piece set and I love your handbag. My staples tend to be full skirts and anything with a 50s vibe. Whatever the season.

  369. Looks so perfect on you!

  370. Louise says:

    It’s very pretty, it does look like a very elegant dress. The sleeves are beautiful and how nice that your mum kept it for you all these years. X

  371. I keep urging myself to cook with lavender and have yet to do it. This sounds so great!

  372. Lianne says:

    These look and sound amazing Rosie! x

  373. Lianne says:

    This is gorgeous Rosie. So sweet that your mum kept it for you. My Mum always says when we are in the shops that she had clothes like that, but never kept any of them. Love the rose details and your shoes! x

  374. Lianne says:

    I’ve only recently discovered Boden in all honesty but really like it. They have clothes that are a bit different but of such good quality. Really love this dress, the print is great. Away for a wee browse on the Boden website now! Lianne x

    • Definitely – quality classics but with a bit of a twist! Thank you, it’s one of my go-tos for work now! Did you find anything you liked the look of?! I might have made another wee Boden order at the weekend when there was 20% off… xx

  375. sabine says:

    I love making choux, if more on the savory side in the shape of gougères, cheese puffs. Your rose flavored bites are lovely, and so are your floral plates! Spring must be near having these with a cup of coffee (or tea) 😉

  376. […] collections for a wee while now; I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s High Summer preview (see this post) and this year I was excited to hear they would be holding a press dinner and preview at The […]

  377. Louise says:

    You got such lovely shots of the night! It really was a brilliant night and I’m so glad we got the chance to catch up. Hope to see you again soon xx

  378. Dāsha says:

    I just love asos! That’s why i ordered the premier unlimited two day shipping. Fyi…Im also hosting an asos gift card giveaway at http://windycitywardrobe.com

  379. Clementine says:

    I bought a kit to make these and they were so tricky especially since it had been folded awfully in the packaging. I think I’m going to try your way next. So pretty!

  380. Sarah says:

    This looks delicious and your decorations are just adorable! I’ve enjoyed following you on Instagram for awhile but this is my first visit to your blog, and I love what I see. 🙂 xo

  381. […] reading this week’s special, Easter-themed Rosie Makes – hot cross bun loaf and DIY tissue paper pom-poms – as much as I enjoyed making, photographing and writing them! Bunnies and chocolate are […]

  382. […] is the cake haven that is Lovecrumbs. I remember going not long after it had opened (see my post here) and it was love at first sugary bite. Almost three years later and it can be tricky to get a seat […]

  383. Laura says:

    Oooh, one to note if I’m ever over that side of town!

    Laura xx

  384. Cathy says:

    This looks heavenly, I particularly love the duck egg blue cups and saucers, reminds me of Utility Ware beloved by every Village Hall in the land. Those doughnuts though, wowza! It’s on my Edinburgh Bucket List!

  385. These look BEAUTIFUL, Rosie! I miss crafting and making things myself, I haven’t done anything creative in so long 🙁 I think I will give this a go, they look really pretty! x

    Sarah | http://www.temporary-secretary.com

  386. […] and scarf, c/o Laura Ashley; vintage dress (from London fave Blondie Vintage); vintage Ferragamos; M&S trench; Clinique Red-y to Wear […]

  387. I want this big more and more with each time I see it! I just love how you’ve styled it! x

  388. I have promised myself to bake more this year but I haven’t quite got round to it! I really like tray bakes as the recipes seem easy to follow (I need something simple! I’m not the best of bakers!!) This tray bake looks DELICIOUS, i am going to add it to my baking list! x

  389. Your dress is beautiful – and what a steal. Despite regular trips to Armstrong’s in the Grassmarket I never bought a single item there – maybe I just got unlucky but I also found their clothes a bit overpriced. Gutted I didn’t try their second store though – it was probably a lot less picked over too. I love florals – and prints of all shapes and sizes – I generally tend to go for darker or primary colours that don’t match the sunnier seasons so I kinda figure floral patterns excuses that somewhat. Lovely pics of a beautiful outfit 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Bridgette! Ooh interesting, definitely recommend the smaller shops on Clerk St and Teviot – I got a lovely pale pink polka dot number there recently! Glad you approve of florals too 🙂 Hope all is well with you in Dublin – your new place looks lovely. R x

  390. This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to take my kids there!

  391. Cathy says:

    I can’t get over the haberdashery cabinet full of cake! I adore how they have designed their shop, it’s perfectly curated but not too cluttered and OTT. I really want to visit Edinburgh for this and Love Crumbs! S’all about the cake, clearly. *g*

  392. Was gutted to have missed out on this the other day, but unfortunately got held up with work! Everything looks sooo delicious too!

    Louise x

  393. Red Walker says:

    Thats a thoroughly good job on those Rosie, well done, they look amazing! We would happily send those from the bakery to the shop

  394. Elise says:

    I love this dress, the floral pattern is fab, perfect for the flower show! 🙂

  395. Lucy says:

    I absolutely adore your style, and your whole blog! I came here because I have the Specsavers Maxine glasses too and was Googling them to check they still make them as I need new lenses! I have the same hair cut as you pretty much, but find it so hard to style it nicely as it goes so frizzy; how did you do your hair on the photos here? Much love x

    • Thanks so much, Lucy! Ooh small world with the specs – do they still make them?! Hope so! Would hate to be parted from mine. For styling my fringe I have a teeny wee round brush and blow dry it under (otherwise mine goes really frizzy too), which works better when it’s freshly cut. Feel your fringe-related woe this week though – it’s well overdue a trim and definitely not behaving, hehe. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 x

      • Lucy says:

        Yes we are in luck, they do still make them! Hooray for lovely glasses forever. Thanks so much for your ace fringe tips, but I was wondering more about your whole head of hair? It falls so softly but not entirely straight, and I spend many hours trying to get mine to do that! x

        • Great news! Haha. Oh sorry – I misunderstood your question, Lucy! I let it air dry until it’s almost completely dried, then blow dry with velcro rollers for 5 mins and leave them in to set for a bit! It’s rare that I have time to give it such attention though, hehe 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

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  397. Laura says:

    So glad you enjoyed the exhibition! It’s definitely a favourite of mine 🙂

  398. This is a dreamy bag indeed! Perfect for meetings and me-eatings with friends 🙂

  399. Sarah says:

    Ah this looks and sounds so lovely and fresh. The perfect summer flavours. <3

  400. […] You can read my previous posts about the ECA Degree show here, here and here! […]

  401. […] be hard pressed to find a more impressive spot for a Summer tipple. The breathtaking views make dining on the Forth Floor at Harvey Nichols such a unique experience – even more so when the sun comes out to play and […]

  402. Laura says:

    Looks beautiful! Lovely drinks too. Will have to pop along sometime 🙂

    Laura / The Likely Lady xx


  404. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  405. Jane Cooper says:

    Hello Rosie, Jane Cooper from Firrhill here. I hope you know your school for next year and are happy with the outcome.
    There is a new wee shop you may wish to check out for your blog. It is called Tread and Heather and is on Gilmore Place, near the junction with Viewforth. They have hand-made Scottish things and crafty items. They are recently open – what I have seen looks very nice, including some cleverly upcycled things, and if you like what you see I’m sure they would appreciate the publicity boost. I don’t know them at all, so I have no vested interest, I just like seeing local, quirky things going well. Jane

    • Hello Jane! Great to hear from you. I am thank you, I owe you an email! Thanks for letting me know about Tread and Heather, it sounds really lovely. I will definitely check it out! I like to see local quirky things doing well too 🙂 R

  406. Amy says:

    Lovely post – and what a fantastic dress, great find!

  407. I have to go to this!

  408. Looks like a lovely bake…..Im going to attempt this on Sunday for a belated Fathers Day celebration. Thank You

  409. Mandy says:

    The guys in the Edinburgh branch are great I’ve used them a few times even though I lived in Fife and always been happy with the service they provide. I’ve recently moved way north into the Highlands so I’ll need to have a look and see if they have a store in Inverness.

  410. […] waiting for their moment in the spotlight. I first made Nigella Lawson’s no-churn ice cream last year, and was a total convert. No faffing making custard, or with complex machinery; just cream, […]

  411. Angela says:

    Loving the look Rosie, I have cameo earrings similar to your necklace. You jogged my memory must look them out for an airing!
    A question is the junk and funk market on this year at causeway side?

    • Thank you, Angela! Ooh the earrings sound gorgeous, hope you find them.
      I haven’t heard anything yet but I think it was on a little later in the Summer last year, if memory serves. I’ll keep you posted if I do hear though! 🙂

  412. eliseandlife1 says:

    Ooh I love your cute basket! I started watching Home Fires but got a bit bored… The costumes were fab though, just my style! 🙂

  413. Li says:

    Great post lady and awesome poctures. Robin and I went a few weeks ago and had a great time. Totally agree about the dinosaur eyes…totally follow you everywhere! xx

  414. rubyrubyslippers says:

    Great post lady and awesome photos. Robin and I went along a few weeks ago and had a good time too. Completely agree about the dinosaur eyes, they totally followed you everywhere…creepy! xx

  415. […] the sale… The skirt is similarly versatile and I’ve worn it – just like the tweed midi I made last autumn/winter – non-stop. It just goes with […]

  416. […] the skirt’s first outing a few weekends ago, we headed to Leith for a trip to the Flea Market and obligatory stop off at Twelve Triangles for doughnuts. It was such a sunny day that I was […]

  417. […] a few weekends ago, we headed to Leith for a trip to the Flea Market and obligatory stop off at Twelve Triangles for doughnuts. It was such a sunny day that I was worried about burning and so wore my straw […]

  418. Lianne says:

    Looks great you talented lady know. Love the colour, length and fullness of the skirt. You look so sweet in your boater too xx

  419. Lillian says:

    Thanks for this review, Rosie. I’m new to Edinburgh and your blog has some wonderful recommendations. I tried out Edinburgh Larder on Friday and it was great! I never would have found it if I hadn’t read about it here so thank you 🙂 looking forward to working my way through some more of your suggestions!

    • Thanks Lillian, really glad that you’re finding the recommendations helpful! Hope you’re settling into Edinburgh ok? Edinburgh Larder is amazing – so pleased you liked it too 🙂 Enjoy working through them! X

  420. ode2vogue says:

    Lovely! The cases are so pretty x

  421. Domenico says:

    Thanks for reminding me that beautiful walk. I enjoyed it during my short holidays in Edinburgh last summer. A lovely place. And your dress is beautiful, of course. P.S.: no, I didn’t wear a pink dress myself.

  422. […] first big, grown-up purchase when I started my first big, grown-up job was my oxblood Cambridge Satchel; I had saved up for said satchel for months (no mean feat when you’re paying London rent!) […]

  423. […] and I don’t see my love waning any time soon. That said, ever since checking out the CSC Edinburgh Pop Up a few months ago, I’ve had a pastel-hued Summer companion on my […]

  424. […] there are lots of other lovely colours in the CSC sale). As part of the shopping ethos I mentioned previously, I’m opting for quality pieces by British brands that I know I’ll love and use year […]

  425. Angela says:

    Hi Rosie, loving your satchel! I bought a satchel from the clothing bank in Edinburgh, it’s black mock croc and is made by L.Y.D.C it cost me £4.99 and I use it every day! It is beginning to look a bit battered so might invest in a new one, maybe if I am a good girl Santa might be good to me!

    • Thanks, Angela! Satchels are the best – so practical and versatile. I would definitely recommend investing in a Cambridge Satchel, they are so timeless and the quality is fantastic. Fingers crossed Santa is listening! X

  426. eliseandlife1 says:

    I love this! It looks great how you’ve styled it. I’ve been on the lookout for a 70s style denim skirt with buttons but they all seem to be too short… I’m hoping the fall collections will bring me one!

    • Thanks Elise! Really sweet of you to say. Yes, totally agree re ’70s skirt lengths – all too short for me too, so I took matters into my own hands! Lengths seem to be going longer for AW though so maybe we will get luckier on the high street soon! X

  427. eliseandlife1 says:

    Your polka dotty dress is so pretty, I love the flash of green with it. You remind me of someone in the old 8mm home movies I work with! 🙂

  428. […] of a night market and other events to mark the Year of Food and Drink too. I’ve shared my love of the Market before, but to celebrate I thought I would share 15 reasons why you really ought to visit. […]

  429. Sarah says:

    Another delicious looking recipe and gorgeous flowers on your table too. 🙂

  430. Cansu says:

    It looks so easy and beautiful ;))
    I am going to try it as soon as possible!
    And your table looks so cute with those flowers 😉

  431. Highball Emy says:

    Wow! I wish lived so near those gardens. Your outfit is very well chosen – matches those purple flowers beautifully!

  432. Highball Emy says:

    Your outfit is very well-chosen – it tones with those beautiful purple flowers perfectly!

    I have a lovely house like this near me – Chatsworth – but the gardens aren’t quite so impressive!

  433. ode2vogue says:

    Blusher is my favourite product – it can revitalise a tired face far better than concealer can! The gel liner looks great x


  434. Jake Cumberpatch says:

    My better half swears by them, she has the same style as documented here, but in white; it is lovely and comfortable and gives great shape, the only downside being that as it is in white, it has picked up marks over its lifetime, I don’t know if this holds true for your colour, but otherwise, they sell great stuff.

  435. Jacqui says:

    Thanks for post this recipe-I made them to take to a friend’s house and they went down a treat. xx

  436. eliseandlife1 says:

    This place looks amazing! And you can’t beat a good polka dot dress 🙂

  437. […] is great for transporting in its tray and sharing on site; I made my all-time favourite Mary Berry lemon drizzle traybake with a thyme twist (recipe here – just add 2 tbsps of chopped thyme before the final […]

  438. […] (recipe here – just add 2 tbsps of chopped thyme before the final mix). I also made my passionfruit ganache tarts and rose and strawberry Eton Mess, which both featured in recent Rosie Makes posts, and are simple […]

  439. […] 2 tbsps of chopped thyme before the final mix). I also made my passionfruit ganache tarts and rose and strawberry Eton Mess, which both featured in recent Rosie Makes posts, and are simple to make, transport and eat […]

  440. […] jug and egg cups – Cath Kidston; bud glasses – Laura Ashley; paper straws – Century General Store; all other props vintage, sourced by me from charity […]

  441. eliseandlife1 says:

    What a gorgeous blanket, I loved the colour you picked! I have a blue and cream one on my bed at the mo but I may need to have a look at these for winter… also I remember those days of makeshift picnics in the wind well! 🙂

    • Thanks, Elise! I love the colour too. They’re definitely so cosy for Winter and ideal for the home as well as for picnics! Haha yep, growing up in Scotland probs – though I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂 X

  442. Emily R. says:

    That looks like the perfect summer afternoon! It’s too hot here for many picnics, though. I’ll just have to dream!

  443. ode2vogue says:

    Gosh they look delicious – so fluffy and delicate! X


  444. Seema says:

    I used to make mini pies in my muffin tins and always loved how much fun it was to make each perfect, individual little portion. Rosie, Do you have an approximate length for the diameter you cut out of the dough before placing it and forming it in the muffin tin? I had never imagined passion fruit with chocolate. I’m so excited to try such a new flavor!

  445. char says:

    Oh my goodness – I have greenhouse AND outfit envy. Such pretty photos!

  446. ode2vogue says:

    This looks fantastic, I’ll have to give it a visit! A great change from the monotony of your average drinking establishment x


  447. eliseandlife1 says:

    This looks like such a cool place! I really haven’t seen enough of Edinburgh…or drank enough gin…

  448. […] posted about the Secret Herb Garden before – when it had not long opened last year. I immediately fell for its natural charms, and over […]

  449. Highball Emy says:

    You know, it seems from your posts like Scotland has seriously strong flower game! Great pictures. X

  450. […] The craze has hit Edinburgh in recent months – the best still being the offerings from Twelve Triangles if you ask me – but the dangers of boiling oil, and knowing how much fat I’m actually […]

  451. […] flour 100ml milk 1/2 tsp baking powder 12 tsp strawberry jam (about 1/3 of a jar) I used this recipe to make my own. 3 – 4 sugar cubes, roughly […]

  452. […] I had only visited a handful of times before (you can see their cute Easter decorations in this post); one of those places to which regular trips are best avoided for the sake of my bank account. […]

  453. eliseandlife1 says:

    Oh my gawd I need a globe pencil sharpener! I think I had one in metal when I was young – those ones you’d get at museum gift shops on school trips 😉 I’m heading into Glasgow later so may just have to pop into Tiger then… I like that they have crafty stuff too, such a tempting shop!

  454. […] can’t beat a good pavlova in Summer. My go-to is usually my lemon pav, but for a recent family celebration I had a request for something chocolatey. Nigella […]

  455. Bettie Page says:

    most beautiful dress it was, i would like to say the dress and flower combination are so cool. you already got people attention. congrats

  456. Seema says:

    I love all your creative little magnets and stationary tools you’ve collected to prepare for the new school year. Very inspiring post—thank you for sharing!

  457. […] being lucky enough to visit Laura Ashley’s London archive last Summer, and soaking up every detail of cut, colour, print and pattern, I’ve become even […]

  458. Susanne says:

    to die for dress and a lovely outfit

  459. Susanne says:

    A pretty outfit and I agree – perfect length skirt.

  460. Susanne says:

    Pretty blouse shame to cover it up !

  461. Susanne says:

    another lovely and practical dress

  462. Susanne says:

    A very pretty simple and comfy dress

  463. Susanne says:

    Such a pretty blouse and a lovely and really practical skirt.

  464. Seema says:

    Hi Rosie, Wow crumble recipes. This really IS just in time for fall. I can’t wait to add this crumble to muffins, oatmeal, pies, bars etc. Have you added flavors to this crumble before—with cinnamon or vanilla? I’m curious if it would still keep the same texture if I tailored the flavor to make it more complimentary to particular dishes. Any advice?

    • Thank you Seema! Autumn is definitely in hte air here. That’s great you’re going to try it out 🙂 I haven’t, but I think it would be delicious with either, what a great idea! I think cinnamon would definitely work fine in terms of consistency, though the vanilla might make it a bit moist if you’re using extract. I say try a few drops and see! 🙂

  465. eliseandlife1 says:

    Ooh you look amazing, I love what you’ve chosen! Especially the accessories – metallic shoes and dark coloured handbags are my fave 🙂

  466. Highball Emy says:

    The dress really suits you – colour and shape! I also love love love the darts on the front, maybe I’ll make myself something similar – Boden is very unfortunately out of my price range!

  467. Susanne says:

    My complaint about all Boden dresses is that they are all a bit too short. I’m only 5’5″ but on me all the below the knee is on the knee (except maxi) and on the knee is well above.

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  469. Susanne says:

    Such a pretty dress and lovely material. As you say what a shame someone shortened it the original must have been really elegant and actually more practical.

  470. […] combination of feminine cut, retro print and eye-catching colour. I had the pleasure of attending one of Orla’s shows a few seasons ago back when I worked in London; the sheer performance and attention to every […]

  471. Janet says:

    Oooh! thanks for the tip! What a great match!

  472. Highball Emy says:

    So does the recipe make twelve? I have to bring something for my class of 24 next Monday, so I might give these a try…

  473. Clementine says:

    I’m always so nervous to bake anything that involves yeast so I’m very tempted to try these, especially since you say that they can be frozen before baking. Yum!

  474. Susanne says:

    Well done I think it looks great and as someone who struggles to make a very simple skirt I am very impressed.

  475. Susanne says:

    What a lovely sundress. I tried and failed to find something similar for this summer.

  476. Li says:

    These look so delicious…making my mouth water just sitting looking at all the pcitures x

  477. rubyrubyslippers says:

    Wow these look so delicious Rosie. My mouth is watering just looking at all the pictures. Li x

  478. Li says:

    Ooooo I love them! They are too cute x

  479. Elise and Life says:

    I love this dress! What a lucky find, especially when it’s such a perfect fit 🙂

  480. Susanne says:

    Another lovely dress and what a great fit. What I love about those Laura Ashley dresses is the details on the top and the length of the skirt and the way they hang.

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  482. Philius says:

    This looks delicious! We are forging toward a hot summer here in Australia and I am missing the cooler weather a little already. Australia has immense natural beauty but we are a little sparse in the history and stately homes etc department so I really enjoy your posts and this little space. Thank you!

  483. Elise and Life says:

    Wow this place looks amazing! I’m a sucker for an old building 🙂

  484. Cathy says:

    oooh yum, this is definitely one to try! x

  485. Li says:

    I LOVE blackberries. They are one of my favourites and so this cake looks incredible. My mouth is watering just looking at all the pictures. Hopefully I can try and make it soon for a treat xx

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  487. Ah this looks lovely and so easy! It’s on the make list, hopefully mine will look like yours although I’m not sure it will. Great use for the blackberries in our garden 🙂 x

  488. This looks delicious! Your photography is gorgeous too!

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  490. Tinka says:

    Hello there,

    This pumpkin cake looks so damn good! I rally love your blog, it’s so nice, specially your china plates & cups make me melt! I am so jealous ^^
    all the best from Austria

  491. jane says:

    could you do this cake with lemon curd instead of a whole lemon

  492. […] boots were a birthday present from my Mum from Clarks as my Macay Hollys are on their last legs (if you spot any similar then let me know). I love the contrasting suede and […]

  493. Clementine says:

    Such a lovely palette. Autumn in Scotland is so beautiful and we’re starting to hunker down here too!

  494. chubbycrispy says:

    han’t been to botanic gardens for ages. i will have to go this weekend ! if the weather is good 😛

  495. Tinka says:

    they are? oh thats nice, I love second hand shops! So I need to come to Edinburgh as soon as possible XD

  496. […] said it before and I’ll say it again: I love nothing more than visiting historical places and stately homes, […]

  497. feltiefare says:

    That school room looks amazing! I lived in Edinburgh for 5 years until recently and never heard of it. Is it open for visits the rest of the year too? I’ll have to have a look next time I come back for a visit. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely post!

  498. lau says:

    Pandora’s rings are lovely!



  499. […] I was musing aloud about the colours of the land and a certain Scottish heroine of mine at the recent Brora event, when head knitwear designer Gillian revealed that Katie Morag’s attire was indeed one of her […]

  500. Li says:

    Cute photos Rosie. I love the cardigan too, looks so cozy and the colours are so nice. I always used to love Tracey Beeker’s striped tops and curly wild hair xx

  501. Susanne says:

    Another lovely outfit. What you say about what we wear is so true, but what a shame that what so many women wear no longer really seams to express or value their femininity.

  502. Susanne says:

    A very pretty dress, lovely fabric and a top which is very blouse like !

  503. Ah this seems like such a while ago now. Thanks for the mention, it was lovely to see you too xx

  504. koolaidmoms says:

    Lovely! I love the tartan plaid!

  505. Elise and Life says:

    Argh all the tartan! Chocolate chip shortbread is my favourite right now, I can’t get enough of the Sainsburys stuff. Although my waistline would disagree 😉 Happy St Andrews Day!

  506. Frances ? says:

    Love the recipe and the tartan!

  507. If you are using two whole lemons… do you use something to prevent the acidity?

  508. jill-colonna says:

    Sounds wonderful – I’m making a reservation for my next visit to Scotland! Thanks for such a helpful review.

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  511. Thank you for sharing, looks delicious!

  512. […] that’s right for my figure. This one (sold out, similar here) immediately caught my eye at Boden’s Christmas press day way back in July, made from beautiful British tweed in a classic charcoal and black Herringbone. […]

  513. beautiful shirt! I love the pop of red you added with your shirt 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara