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Bero Pancakes

Today is Shrove Tuesday – a.k.a. one of the best days of the year, Pancake Day. I’ve shared lots of pancake recipes previously, so I thought I’d share a wee round-up of my favourites alongside my go-to recipe for Scotch pancakes to celebrate. First, here’s my round-up of┬ápancake recipes I’ve enjoyed making over the years:

Sourdough pancakes

Sourdough pancakes: great for using up sourdough starter discard, these pancakes have a slightly tangy flavour and are a bit of a cross between a crepe and a Scotch pancake.

Dutch baby pancakes

Dutch baby pancakes: a type of fluffy, baked pancakes from America – great for feeding a crowd as you just pop them in the oven. I’ve shared two recipes – this one with orange curd and caramelised clementines and another with blueberry and cardamom.

Blackberry, Saffron & Honey Drop Scones

Blackberry, saffron & honey drop scones: sharp berries, earthy saffron and aromatic honey in a fluffy, moreish pancake. You could use a handful of frozen berries instead at this time of year for some fresh, fruity flavour.

Oat, banana and apple vegan pancakes

And for vegans or those who don’t like eggs, there are these ten minute vegan pancakes (which also happen to be gluten free), made with almonds, apple and banana or these vegan banana, blueberry and pecan pancakes served with copious amounts of maple syrup.

Banana, blueberry & pecan pancakes, A Modern Way to Eat

And now, here’s my go-to recipe for Scotch pancakes or drop scones. They’re the thicker style of pancake and the kind I had growing up – such nostalgia and comfort all rolled into one, handed down from my Mum and Gran via the trusty Bero book. To make them, you will need:

110g self-raising flour
50g caster sugar
One free-range egg
2 tbsp milk

Mix the flour, sugar and egg, then gradually beat in the milk to make the batter. It will be a thick, dropping consistency. Heat a greased pan over a medium heat, then drop spoonfuls of the mixture onto the surface and cook through for about 3 minutes – until bubbles begin to appear on the surface and the underside is golden brown. Turn and cook on the other side until equally golden brown. Serve with your desired toppings!

Are you making pancakes tonight?

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