Only In St Andrews: Royal Romance

If you’re in St Andrews, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (highly possible if you’re in the midst of deadline central) you’ve most likely already seen this video. I know that I have a fair few readers outside of The Bubble, so I urge you to take a look at this fantastic video by St Andrews a cappella group The Other Guys . Their hilarious tribute to Wills and Kate is poised to go viral – they’ve had 47,000 hits since Monday. They were on STV news tonight and are receiving more and more media attention which is spreading internationally.

The witty lyrics, fantastic vocals and well-edited video showcases lovely shots of iconic St Andrews locations. I like that there’s a lot in there you have to be/ have been a student here to appreciate fully and I think Wills and Kate would love to see this – I sincerely hope that they have.

It certainly brightened up my day of reading! Please share this video and help The Other Guys go stratospheric!


  1. M Harrington says:

    Absolutely brilliant, what else could one expect from young British Uni students, no one can surpass the British. Good luck to the future King and Queen may love be forever in their hearts.

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