Only In St Andrews

… could a whole town shut down for a one hour visit!

What a visit it was though. It’s not often you get to shake the hand of, and talk to, the future king and queen of your country.

Prince William and Kate Middleton came to St Andrews to launch the celebrations of the 600 year anniversary of the University. The actual ceremony was in the Quad, but tickets were limited and due to oversubscription went to a ballot. Only one person I know actually got to go but though it would have been nice, it meant we could find a good spot to see the royals when they did ‘Walk About’. By a stroke of luck, I think we got one of the best spots; meaning that unlike the rest of the crowds; we got to meet both royals.

Prince William was very handsome in real life, I mean he’s a good looking chap but photos don’t seem to do him justice! Very very tall too, especially next to me. He had a lovely chat with our area, after shaking our hands he said “are you all students?” When we said yes, he asked “anyone do Geography?” Then he had a bit of banter with my friend Katie who’s a geography student, mocking her for being a human geographer! Katie later confirmed herself as favourite of the royal family when Kate leant over her to shake someone’s hand and accidentally shoved her chest in her face! She apologised and laughed. It was so funny. Wills is such a charming guy in real life and looked very dapper in his sharp navy suit and spotty tie.

Kate Middleton was absolutely stunning. She wore a cherry red skirt suit, with a black velvet bow belt and black suede calf boots. So beautiful in real life, but so incredibly skinny! A little too skinny, but in an athletic way. I was seconds away from asking her where she got her outfit from, but some idiots behind us started shouting insults, that she was palming off the state, that they’d rather be in tutorials, blah blah. Ridiculous really, as what were they hoping to achieve? Nobody made them come either! So instead of asking her where her dress was from, my friend Aisha and I simultaneously shouted “SHUT UP!” and I’m pretty sure they regretted their pettiness when hoards of police honed in on them. Kate gave me us what I interpreted as a thankful smile. Anyway, I wish I knew who the suit was by as I can’t find anywhere on the web and Hilary Alexander even tweeted earlier asking if anyone knew. Never mind, we were all just so star struck!

What a surreal day, I think we’re all still buzzing. Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, and definitely something to tell the grandchildren! There has been a lot of fuss about how much faff there was about security (all streets in town shut off), and some bits were a tad ridiculous, like the sniper in the tower watching us all or being ID-ed and interrogated to get into my English class! However, it was a massive security operation that I think was pulled off as slickly as possible. As for the anti-monarchy people, I think they should have just stayed at home. I’m hardly an ardent royal fan, but I still think they’re an important part of British culture. Kate Middleton is fast becoming a style icon – I wasn’t convinced at first but I think her style has really matured recently. It can’t be easy deciding what to wear for an event such as this, but she always manages to look appropriate and sophisticated but fashionable and chic. Hats (or fascinators) off to her.

view of North St

With Katie and Aisha – excited!

Greeting the school pupils

Prince William plus my face!

That’s my blond hair and Prince William

This one was during the Geography banter!

That’s Kate smiling at me

Leaving in the armoured car

Glad I had dressed up, you can only really see in one pic:
Pink wrap dress – Topshop
Jacket- Wallis
Velvet leggings- Topshop


  1. adele says:

    your chum.. katie mackenzie, right? i thinkshe was in my sisters year at primary school….

    kate middleton is beautiful.

  2. […] Middleton looked stunning in cherry red today; she wore the shade when I met her at the launch of the University of St Andrews 600th anniversary celebrations and I thought she really suited the colour. It was a vibrant colour choice but the tailored dress […]

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