#myodetospring Hashtag Challenge: Week Two

Everything Looks Rosie Instagram

We’re coming to the end of the first week of my seasonal Instagram hashtag challenge, #myodetospring, so I thought I would share a wee update. You can read more about my reasons behind the tag, and see the first six prompts here if you’d like to join in – please do! As the days are getting longer it’s reinvigorated my creativity, faffing with flat lays now that it’s light when I get home and searching for signs of Spring wherever I go. My favourite shot so far has to be the cherry blossom pictured above, which I snapped at the Botanics last weekend. My picture barely does its delicate, frothy petals justice – and their fleeting beauty makes them all the sweeter. Here are some of my shots from the past week – you can even see a short video I made for Monday’s birdsong prompt here.

Everything Looks Rosie Instagram

Everything Looks Rosie Instagram

Without further ado, the next six letters for this week (Friday to Friday, with Sunday off) are:

G – Grow

H – Hot Cross Buns

I – Into the wild

J – Joy (whatever brings you Springtime joy!)

K – Kitchen time

L – Lambs.

Everything Looks Rosie Instagram

Everything Looks Rosie Instagram

Thanks to the fellow Instagrammers who have joined in and shared their beautiful images using the hashtag already. The gallery is already filled with beautiful blooms and soft colours – a Spring feast for the eyes. Here are some of my faves from the first week; click the image for the direct link to the Instagrammer’s profile, and handles linked below.






1 – @katexdesign; 2 – @featherandwild; 3 – @rosieblackbird; 4 – @capturebykaye; 5 – @danysweetlife.

Thank you, and to everyone else who has taken part!

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