Lovecrumbs Beercake Tasting

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

I’ve spoken at length before about the cakefest that is Lovecrumbs, one of my all time Edinburgh favourites. It’s somewhere I delight in introducing friends and family to, and top of my list of Edinburgh recommendations whenever I’m asked (mixed with the slight begrudging that comes with sharing somewhere you really love and secretly wouldn’t mind keeping to yourself). But Lovecrumbs is just too good not to bang on about. Now that I’m back in Scotland it’s going be hard to keep me away.

When I heard about an evening event they had planned – a beer and cake night with Innis & Gunn – I was intrigued. I will put my hands up and say beer is not usually my tipple of choice on a night out, but I have heard such great things about wee Edinburgh brewer Innis & Gunn and was keen to see (and more importantly, taste) the results of Lovecrumbs’ beer-infused baking experiments. So in the spirit of trying new things (or something like that) I popped along on Friday night with my friend Ruth.

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

Lovecrumbs was packed out with beer and cake fans, and we perched on one of the sofas in the corner, chatting away with the Lovecrumbs ladies and sampling the yummy beer-infused cakes and some very nice I&G beers. The seating meant we were unofficially guarding the rum finish chocolate cake, which was fine by us – gooey, rich and perfectly balanced by the rum finish beer.

We eased ourselves into the beer tasting with some I&G Melvilles fruit beer made with real Scottish fruit – so refreshing and light, I think I’m a beer convert (or at least a lady beer convert)!

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

Almost too pretty to eat, the molasses gingerbread cake (above) was moist, sweet and spicy, and went well with the I&G original beer, which was very light, and a bit vanilla-y (technical term). If you are a beer fan, Innes & Gunn’s awesome website has all the tasting notes for each of the beers, and you can buy it online too. Yet another fab independent Edinburgh company that marries great quality produce with a sense of fun.

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

Lovecrumbs Beer and Cake Night

This was a genius partnership – Lovecrumbs and I&G really complemented one another. Tickets were a very reasonable £10, and included all the cake and beer you could eat. It was so nice to do something a bit different of a Friday; we left with smiles on our faces and with our take-out boxes stuffed full of rum finish brownies. Can’t wait for the next Lovecrumbs event!

Have you been to Lovecrumbs? What’s your favourite independent business where you live?

p.s. check out fellow Edinburgher Charlotte Runcie’s excellent blog and review of the event here.


  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Rosie!

    Great write up – we love that we may have converted you to our beers with this little brewing and baking mashup. We’d love to share your blog post and some of your photos on Facebook page and Pinterest Hall of Fame. Would that be okay with you?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Amanda!

      Thank you – so glad that you liked the post, and indeed you have! Of course – feel free to share the post and photos with a wee link to my blog!

      Well reminded – I must find I&G on Fb and Twitter too!

      Thanks again,

      Rosie x

  2. Hilary Grant says:

    I do enjoy an Innes & Gunn tipple now and again and always thought it went really well with cake. I’ll need to look out for their next event, thanks!

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