Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair: A Haaaaandbag (II)

Excuse the cheeky Oscar Wilde title reference (I’ve used it before, but felt it was necessary), and above all, I’m in essay mode. Meet my new friend:

Probs a few too many pics there but I wanted to get across the detail of its gorgeousness. This bag is just so perfect. Ladylike bags such as this one remind me of playing with my Gran’s and Mum’s handbags when I was little. I loved my Gran’s bottomsless tapestry bag that always seemed full of surprises and food à la Mary Poppins. Both of them had clasp bags too which were my favourite, I always wanted my own. I remember my Mum gave in after a bit and gave me one of her red clasp clutch bags to play with and I loved and used it literally to pieces.

This is the kind of clothing nostalgia that draws me to certain items and defines my style. I’ve been realising this more and more recently – my love of vintage floral prints, peter pan collars and all things retro comes from my childhood. I’ve probably said before that my Gran was a dressmaker, and she and my Mum made me clothes. The retro Liberty prints so en vogue right now comprised my childhood – cute-collared dresses and floral trousers/ white peter pan collared blouse combinations. My Mum still misses the Liberty shop in Edinburgh and I do too.

There were lots of bags fitting this description at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair – frame bags, short-strapped, paisley, floral ladylike affairs (see previous post for more pics!). I wanted one that I knew would go with everything and swithered over several different items. Two of them I was sad to leave behind, one was a sort of vanity case/ briefcase hybrid in blue paisley Libertyesque print, and a pink short strapped handbag. The former I thought I might not get much use out of (too big for day, too small for an overnight bag) and the latter had a broken strap.

I found the one I eventually did buy just before I left and I’m so glad I did. You’d expect it to be quite pricey, but it was only seven pounds! I loved the navy/ gold contrast and I know it will go with everything I wear. The strap is short-ish in a retro way but long enough to fit in the crook of my elbow, unlike some of the other offerings (I have a thing about needing to have free hands!). I love how it’s split into compartments too and is really structured, as well as the attractive clasp fastening I was looking for. Pretty much the perfect vintage bag.

I’ll show you this new top in another post – it’s from H&M and has fantastic bat wing sleeves and is a gorgeous peach colour. The nails are Models Own Grace Green – a gorgeous pastel green hue that contrasts the peach of the top.

Judy’s Vintage Fashion Fair kindly mentioned me on their blog and said such sweet things! You can read the post here.

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