Happily Ever After

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The truly magical experience that is the Enchanted Palace combines art, history, performance, dreams and fashion. Installations tell of the secret lives of seven princesses who all lived at Kensington Palace and interprets the hidden stories and powerful women behind them.

The spectacular installations include contributions from designers Vivienne Westwood, Stephen Jones, Boudicca, Echo Morgan, William Tempest and Aminaka Wilmont that really bring the stories alive. Contemporary fashion and the historical setting are juxtaposed to make a unique statement. The designers were challenged to make these installations, inspired by the enthralling stories of the Palace’s former residents.

Westwood is known for her use of witty historical referencing, taking inspiration from royalty and British heritage. Her contribution to the British fashion industry makes her an ideal designer to reinterpret the story and create a suitably majestic but fun dress for the rebellious princess.

William Tempest also uses historical inspiration fused with modern technique in his structured, origami-like precision cut creations. His Dress for Dreaming of Freedom, made from 1000 tiny origami birds is a breathtaking and poignant interpretation of the tale of Queen Victoria’s unhappy childhood at the Palace.

Another British great, Stephen Jones OBE designed the Hats for the Divine Geometer. His contribution was inspired by the bust of Isaac Newton, and aimed to show the concept of hats as ideas, belonging in the air. Its fusion of science, fashion and history is tongue-in-cheek, the highlight being a sparkly apple headpiece suspended above the bust of Newton.

The Enchanted Palace is a truly unique experience that merges different arts flawlessly. The installations are fun, quirky and a bit mad but stunningly beautiful. You can’t fail to be touched by the stories of the Palace and the beauties within.


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