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This Saturday I headed to Old Spitalfields Market for an extra special festive edition of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. December’s sellers put on a great show for the competitive Christmas period – it’s not just the high street that save their best for the end of the year, Judy’s and the stall holders pulled out all the stops! I left the fair feeling full of inspiration and a little bit smug, having ticked off some key items on my Christmas shopping list. More on that soon…

The beautiful wares from Forage & Find really stood out for me. This lovely mother and daughter team use unusual vintage fragments to create stunning handmade jewellery. The duo source some real treasures – some are sold as found, whilst others are re-worked into a new and unique pieces, combined with other trinkets and crafted into one-off designs. Forage & Find are passionate about what they do; each piece is made lovingly and with real care and attention. Imagine the hours spent finding the beautiful charms and constructing each piece of jewellery by hand. And then letting them go after all that!

If you prefer your jewellery to have a bit of a story then Forage & Find will satisfy your magpie instincts. Little animal charms (just look at that wee deer and the elephant), clock faces and typewriter rings were my particular favourites. I was told that each of the typewriter keys is painstakingly removed by hand from vintage typewriters (I was assured only ones that were already broken – phew), sanded down and fashioned into a ring or cufflink.

I could have come away with armfuls of booty, but I limited myself to one Christmas-present-to-self: this beautiful vintage heart-shaped locket from the 1950s. Cute as a button. I think it had Rosie written all over it, don’t you? Now I’m coveting their online offerings too – Forage & Find update their Facebook page regularly with pictures of their latest creations and you can even send them a request to put together an extra special piece.


I debuted my lovely locket today on a crisp Winter walk with my chunky burgundy knit, tweed skirt, faux fur Cossack hat, festive nails and berry lips*. It was a rather picturesque afternoon, so thought I’d share a few snaps of the gorgeous sunset, silhouetted trees, a rather creepy bird and the London skyline. Enjoy!


*Speaking of which (!) these berries have appeared at one of my photo spots… how festive. I decided to embrace them.

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