Celebrating Litha: How to Make a Summer Flower Crown

Flower Crown Make Along

This week was the Summer Solstice, or Litha in the Celtic tradition, as well as the Scandinavian ‘Midsommar’ celebrations. To mark the occasion, on Monday I hosted my first Instagram Live and did a make-along of a Midsummer Flower Crown. I thought I would post the instructions here for posterity too. In Scandinavia, it’s a well-documented Midsummer tradition to forage wildflowers and make flower crowns for seasonal celebrations. I gathered cow parsley, feverfew and oxeye daisies, with highlights of red campion. Here’s how to make a Summer flower crown, and you can watch me make it from start to finish in the recording of my Live.

1) Weave a base out of florist’s wire: make a circlet by measuring roughly round your head and cutting twice the length of wire, then wrap it around itself. Or you could use an embroidery hoop for a pre-made base.

2) Similarly to making a wreath, you want to make miniature posies and attach them individually to create texture and volume that will last. I made my mini posies with three flower heads each (odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing), trimmed the ends so they were neat and secured them with wire.

3) Then simply attach the posies with another small piece of wire, wrapping it around the base a few times and securing at the back. I started with the lighter flowers (the cow parsley) and added the bigger blooms on top. Don’t be precious – the more random and rustic the better, like you’ve been dancing through the meadows. Faff around until you have your desired look, then don your flower crown with pride! I chose flowers that would dry out and now it’s doubling up as a Summer wreath with the addition of a ribbon.

Flower Crown Make Along

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