Jil Sander-inspired: Maximal Minimalism

Stop press – Rosie in minimalism shocker?

I’ll stop talking in the third person now. This is pretty much as minimal as I can go, I feel weird without a necklace or ring – getting better though, just a hairband and ring here! The sheer attention-grabbing nature of this fantastically fluorescent skirt demands a blank canvas and nothing distracting in competition with it.

This look is obviously completely Jil Sander inspired. The clean lines and block colours of the S/S 11 collection really stood out for me. I’m normally a sucker for pattern and detail but there’s just something so understated about wearing an unfussy, colourful block of fabric that drew me to Raf Simons’ latest designs and their experimentation with line and proportion. The styling of stunning, huge maxi skirts with plain, basic T-shirts was also something which stood out for me, and made me want to experiment myself.

This skirt is from Topshop, I’d been waiting for the high street to interpret the look, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. The colour is spot on, not too eye-watering, more of an intensely bright cerise, which is actually very wearable. I’m not going to lie, I did get a few funny looks but I think people were surprised at such a bright colour worn on the bottom half, which has been a growing trend and is filtering through to the high street.

I knew straight away this skirt would sell out, and it has now in all three colours. Phew! I guess it will be the kind of thing that will be in and out of fashion fairly quickly, but I’ve already worn it enough to justify! The price wasn’t too bad for a Topshop maxi, £35 – normally they are much more.

I also knew instantly how I wanted to style it – exactly like the show with the simple white T-shirt and not much else. This one is a tad oversized, and has a cute pocket detail and rolled sleeves. I got it recently and it just goes with everything. White T-shirts are so underrated. The T-shirt dresses the whole thing down and makes the look a lot more laid-back and less in your face. The side splits add a subtle flash of leg, breaking up the block of fabric. Wouldn’t advise wearing it on a windy day, as I learnt to my peril.

The clean lines and block shapes and colours are decidedly modern and so fresh. Offhand elegance and maximal minimalism at its best. I got loads of compliments on this outfit, and it’s certainly one of my favourite purchases in a while. I kept the styling simple; the ring is a recent purchase from Primark, and the hairband from Topshop. The snake is just a fun, edgy touch and the hairband adds a slight hippy vibe that complements the laid-back aesthetic.

In other news, I just finished editing the final issue of the year and my last ever issue as Fashion Editor of The Tribe before I start work next year as Editor in Chief (well, the handover is kind of ongoing, so I have already started some aspects). If you’re interested in becoming an editor, listen out for details next week. I had sooo much fun doing a make-up shoot today – look out for it in the next issue of The Tribe, which goes live on Monday!

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Topshop
Ring- Primark
Hairband- Topshop
(cringe – mostly Toppers! Unintentional, honest!)

2 responses to “Jil Sander-inspired: Maximal Minimalism

  1. theprettyconfused

    I love this outfit, it’s so beautiful, the pink looks amazing with your colouring and the white t-shirt and headband finish it off perfectly xoxo

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