Metallic Menagerie II

Just a quick post with a few pictures of some jewellery I got in H&M the other day. With my penchant for all things cute and shiny, these were a fab find! A nod to the heritage vibe that’s still about, these are the epitome of kitsch. In the past few seasons the High Street has gone mad for animal references- prints, animal logos and jewellery. The trend isn’t showing signs of waning just yet, so embrace all things cutesy and animalesque.

It was £4.99 for this set of rings in H&M which I think was a bargain compared to £12 for one in Topshop! My favourites are the stag and the bunny, just so adorable. There was also a little owl too, but when I uploaded them the picture was blurry- but it’s a wraparound one like the fox. When I got home I realised in the set I’d picked one of the bunny’s ears had fallen off so I had to go back to exchange it- I guess you get what you pay for, so for a fast fashion fix I’ll just be extra careful with them now!

The individual owl was £2.99 and I love it. You can’t really see, but it has sparkly eyes, and I love the attention to detail in the feather markings. As my friend said about her owl earrings “they make me feel wise!” so let’s hope it works!

The set of earrings was £5.99 and they are really cute and detailed. My favourites are the owls and the squirrels, and I love the different metallic shades. I don’t know how well they will keep though, as that’s pretty cheap for earrings and they didn’t have a “nickel tested” sign on, so I’ll just make sure I don’t wear them for too long at once.

2 responses to “Metallic Menagerie II

  1. I love animal jewellery! The rings are so cute!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog🙂

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