These are a few of my favourite things

A few new finds and presents I thought I’d share:

The jewellery stand was a Christmas present which I’ve quickly loaded with rings and necklaces that I never have anywhere to put, don’t know how I own so many! The bunny ring holder was a random present from Al, just adorable. Its poor ear fell off in transit, but we fixed it with superglue. The bird’s claw necklace is from my friend; I gave her a bird necklace from Accessorize for Christmas so she was continuing the theme. I love the longer length of it and the blue semi-precious stone, really my style: girly but with an edge.

The cameo ring and elephant brooch were both from my Mum’s jewellery collection; she knows how much I love cameos so has let me borrow this ring that she was given by my Aunt when she was a teenager. I’ve sworn to look after it as it’s so precious to her. It’s so beautiful and I love knowing the history behind it- that unique sense of a story and craftmanship that is unique to vintage pieces such as this. My mum also gave me the elephant brooch as when she saw me wearing the earrings in this post, it reminded her of this brooch she used to wear, uncanny!

One response to “These are a few of my favourite things

  1. love the green claw necklace and those bunnies are so cute for ring storage !

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